What is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is one of the US Postal Service's best kept secrets, allowing you to track packages and preview your mail in digital format
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Informed Delivery is a digital email service that the United States Postal Service provides. It allows users to track their packages and preview their letter-sized mail in a digital format before it actually arrives in their mailbox. Simply put, it’s a way of receiving your physical mail inside your email inbox.

Why You Should Sign Up for Informed Delivery

Sometimes it’s easy to fall behind on collecting your mail…especially now that everything is digital. When you can preview letters in your email, you’ll know exactly what’s coming your way before it ends up in your mailbox. This will allow you to better anticipate the important stuff, such as checks, money orders, bills, tax papers, and other documents of the sort. Signing up for informed delivery also allows you to track your packages! The best part is that when you sign up, you’ll receive notifications on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. Oh, and did we mention that signing up is free?

How Do I Sign Up?

Great question! Signing up for informed delivery is a quick and easy process. We’ve laid out the steps you’ll need to take below:

  • Visit USPS’ page to enroll
  • Create a USPS account
    • Enter your address information
    • Create a username, password, and answer your security questions
  • Verify your identity
    • You can choose between verifying your identity online, or entering a verification code that you’ll get via First Class Mail

That’s it—you’re done! If you verified your identity online, you can start keeping up with informed delivery right away. If you opted to enter a verification code, you’ll have to wait a few days until it arrives in the mail.

Keeping Up With Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery will send you notifications and emails, so it’s quite easy to keep up with. You can also sign into your account anytime on USPS’ website. Since we’re all on our smartphones all the time, we recommend downloading the USPS Mobile app on the App Store or on Google Play.

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