What is the National Postal Forum?

What is the National Postal Forum and why should you go?
national postal forum
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The National Postal Forum (or NPF, for short) is an annual gathering for the mailing and shipping industries. NPF is coordinated by the USPS. The conference typically features educational workshops, certification courses, USPS leadership sessions, an exhibit hall, networking events, and much more.

The NPF is usually hosted sometime in May, and changes cities every year. Feel free to visit the NPF website and keep track of the upcoming location.

Why attend the National Postal Forum?

Like any other trade show, the NPF offers unparalleled insight into the inner workings of the mailing and shipping industries. If you attend, you’ll get the first scoop on news like USPS’ decision to raise postage prices. You’ll also get a preview of new technology and practices to come. We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff at the NPF in the past, if we dare say so ourselves.

Network, Network, Network

It’s worth it to attend the NPF just for the networking opportunities alone! With thousands of attendees and dozens of businesses, the NPF gives you front row access to industry partners that can help your small business grow. Also, you’ll gain a TON of industry knowledge, and in the shipping business, knowledge is power.

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