Where Can I Get a Money Order?

The Post Office is the best place to get a money order...just make sure your local Post Office offers this service before you go stand in line
example of a money order

Have someone ever asked you to pay them in “cash or money order only?” We’d be willing to bet this has happened at least once in your lifetime. Although money orders have recently fallen out of fashion in favor of cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and mobile transfers (Zelle and Venmo for the win!), it’s still good to know what they are and where you can get one if you ever need to.

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a printed order of payment for a specified sum. While they are an equally liquid alternative to cash or cashier’s checks, people often confuse money orders with cashier’s checks. Lots of individuals and businesses accept money orders as forms of payment.

Obtain Secure Money Orders at the Post Office

One of the best places to pick one up is at your local Post Office. There, they cost as little as $1.25 each (on top of the total dollar amount you are applying). Postal Military Money Orders issued by military facilities are even cheaper, costing just $0.45.

When purchasing a money order, you’ll need to be aware of the dollar limits. Domestic money orders can’t be more than $1,000, while international orders can’t exceed $700. Also, you’ll need to use a debit card or cash to buy one. Checks and credits cards are not accepted.

You Can Also Get Them at Your Bank, Certain Grocery Stores, and Pharmacies

Banks and credit unions also issue money orders, and you can purchase one at your financial institution of choice as long as you have an active checking or savings account. However, it’s likely to cost more than obtaining one at the Post Office.

Although it’s not guaranteed, you can also pick them up at certain grocery stores and pharmacies. Keep an eye out for the “Western Union” or “MoneyGram” logos at participating retail outlets. Potential locations include CVS, Walmart, Safeway, 7-Eleven and more.

Can I Buy a Money Order with USPS Shipping Software?

Unfortunately, you can’t…although that’s a good question. Online USPS shipping software solutions solely focus on providing discounted postage and the creation of shipping labels, making it easier for eCommerce business owners to ship packages without having to go to the Post Office.

For more information on obtaining a money order at your local Post Office (and how to spot fake ones), check out USPS’ website.

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