Where is the Nearest Post Office?

No matter where you are in the country, chances are there is a Post Office nearby
USPS Post Office location
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Post Office Locator
Find your nearest Post Office
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Need to find the nearest Post Office? Check out USPS’ locator. Just type in your zip code and you’ll see a map with the closest Post Office locations!

Before You Go to the Post Office…

Remember that you can schedule a free USPS pickup from your residence. Also, don’t forget that you can still send all your mail from home!

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  1. Ronald Rene Woods Jr

    I received a letter from the sheriff’s office discussing fees that could be paid to 1702 Nicholas street Omaha Nebraska and I don’t have it they only sent one is there a way to re receive that letter or track who sent it thank you

  2. Linda jones

    I have scheduled the same 5 packages now 4 days in a row not picked up. What to do, I do not drive so taken them to my post office is not an option. AN getting the po to ANSWER THE PHONE IS NON EXENSTANT. AS IS GETTING TO TAKE TO ANYONE IN CHARGE THAT INCLUDES THE POST MASTER.

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Linda, you need to speak with your Postmaster to figure out why the pickups aren’t happening. That’s the only way to get any information, unfortunately, since pickups are handled locally.


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