Who is Douglas Tulino?

Douglas Tulino: Vice President of Labor Relations for the US Postal Service
Douglas Tulino

Douglas Tulino is Vice President of Labor Relations for the US Postal Service. He assumed this role in June 2005 and has worked for USPS since 1980.

Duties and Responsibilities

As Vice President of Labor Relations, Tulino reports to Isaac Cronkhite, USPS’ current Acting Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President. Tulino is responsible for all labor matters within the Postal Service, such as overseeing collective bargaining for contract negotiations, administering grievance and arbitration disputes, maintaining organizational compliance with Equal Employee Opportunity statutes, and more. In addition, Tulino has been the Postal Service’s chief negotiator since 2005. In this role, he develops corporate bargaining strategies for contract negotiations, as well as for the dispute resolution process.

Douglas Tulino’s Background

Tulino graduated from Kent State University with a bachelors degree in business administration and industrial relations. He began his postal career in Chicago in 1980, where he worked as a management associate. Tulino’s impact on the Postal Service has been immeasurable; as chief negotiator, he developed the collective bargaining strategy that resulted in restructuring USPS’ labor cost. Prior to assuming his current role, Tulino spent nearly two decades working in human resources, operations, and labor relations at every level of USPS.

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