Who is Kristin Seaver?

Kristin Seaver: Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President for the US Postal Service
Kristin Seaver

Kristin Seaver is Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President for the US Postal Service. She assumed this role in April 2016 after previously serving as Vice President of Area Operations for the Capital Metro Area.

Duties and Responsibilities

As Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Seaver spearheads USPS’ effort to consistently drive innovation. This includes working to constantly improve the organization’s enterprise analytics, business insights, and mail intelligence. Seaver and her team also push innovation across USPS’ infrastructure, engineering and information security systems, and payment technology.

Kristin Seaver’s Background

Seaver graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s in business administration. Prior to assuming her current role, Seaver has held a variety of leadership positions within USPS. Some of these roles include area manager of Operations Support for the Northeast and Eastern Areas, manager of In-plant Support, senior plant manager, Processing and Distribution Center manager, as well as industrial engineer and manager for Remote Encoding Operations.

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  1. Cheryl Register

    Our local branch of the post office here in Winterville has managed to loose 3 pieces of mail that I personally place in the mail drop box inside the post office. Each piece was mailed on different days, one on the 16th of January, one on the 29.th of January and one on the 4th of February. These were payments to cable company, credit card company and insurance comapny. I had to go to the office jof the cable company to pay my bill, I stopped payment on the check that was done for this payment today (Feb. 12th). I have a real concern that I can’t mail from this post office and expect that it will arrive in a timely manner or arrive at all. I realize that they send the mail to Fayetteville, NC and perhaps this is the problem, but I have no way of knowing whether it ever reached Fayetteville. I think the Winterville,. NC post office needs to be investigated. There have been numerous complaints on our Neighborhood website about this post office. Plesase give me back my confidence that I can mail things and feel safe that they will be delivered. Thank you.


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