Who is Mark Guilfoil?

Mark Guilfoil: Vice President of Supply Management for USPS
Mark Guilfoil
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Mark Guilfoil is Vice President of Supply Management for the US Postal Service. He assumed this position in September 2019, succeeding former VP Susan Brownell.

Duties and Responsibilities

As the new VP of Supply Management, Guilfoil reports to Joseph Corbett, USPS’ current Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. His main role centers on managing the USPS’ supplier relationships. USPS supplies account for over $12 billion in expenditures and $6 billion in inventory! In addition, Brownell led the Supply Management team in implementing best practices for supply chain management. This included strategies such as managing inventory more efficiently, str

Mark Guilfoil’s Background

Guilfoil holds a BA in Economics from Valparaiso University, as well as a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Missouri-Colombia. He also furthered his education across the pond at Cambridge University and the University of London Faculty of Laws. Before assuming his current position, Guilfoil served as USPS’ manager of Supply Management Infrastructure. In that role, he was responsible for strategic oversight of purchasing policies, contract compliance and audit response management, and more. He also previously served as manager of Mail and Operational Equipment Portfolio, where he supported contracting activities in mail processing technology, vehicles, mail transport equipment, and operational supplies.

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