Who is Scott Bombaugh?

Scott Bombaugh: Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President for the US Postal Service
Scott Bombaugh
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Scott Bombaugh is the current Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President for the US Postal Service. He assumed this role in November 2020, and has worked for USPS since 1988.

Duties and Responsibilities

An engineer by trade, Bombaugh oversees Engineering Systems, Enterprise Analytics, and Innovative Business Technology for USPS in his current role. According to USPS, the CTO vision is to create a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technology and applied analytics, and to innovate in order to deliver operational efficiencies, generate revenue, transform organizational performance and establish technology-enabled products.

Scott Bombaugh’s Background

Bombaugh graduated with a bachelors of science and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia. He began his postal career in 1988 as a mechanical engineer, where he helped the development of automatic package sorting systems. In addition, he was part of the team that introduced barcode technology for packages, which revolutionized the USPS package tracking system.

Prior to assuming his current role, Bombaugh served as Vice President of Engineering Systems. There, Bombaugh was responsible for the design, development, and lifecycle support of mail processing systems and associated software. He was also responsible for retail and delivery technology, scanning solutions, and the development of next-generation delivery vehicles.

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