Who is Sharon Owens?

Sharon Owens: Acting Vice President of Sales for the US Postal Service
Sharon Owens
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Sharon Owens is Vice President of Pricing and Costing for the US Postal Service. She assumed this role in 2016, and has worked for USPS for over twenty years. She also served as USPS’ Acting Vice President of Sales for a few months in 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities

As Vice President of Pricing and Costing, Owens reports to Joseph Corbett, USPS’ current Chief Financial Offer and Executive Vice President. She works to help USPS operate more efficiently, generate more revenue, and succeed in areas with complex regulations. In addition, she oversees programs to strengthen the mailing experience for commercial customers and tailor services for individual markets. Owens also has oversight of postal regulatory reporting. This “regulatory reporting” includes delivering information such as postal programs and services to multiple stakeholders.

Sharon Owens’ Background

Owens earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the College of William and Mary. She also obtained a master’s degree in operations research from the same institution. Before she became Acting Vice President of Sales for USPS, she served as Vice President of Pricing and Costing. She has also held various positions within the organization such as Northern Virginia District Manager, manager of Finance, manager of Ground Products, and manager of Industry Engagement and Outreach.

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