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Thomas Marshall: General Counsel and Executive Vice President for the US Postal Service
Thomas Marshall
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Thomas Marshall is General Counsel and Executive Vice President for USPS. He assumed this role in May 2013 and has worked for the Postal Service since 1995.

Duties and Responsibilities

As General Counsel and Executive Vice President for USPS, Marshall is responsible for helping the organization in all legal facets of its business. From a broad standpoint, Marshall’s responsibility encompasses procurement and property law, employment and labor law, postal business law, and more. In his role, he also oversees USPS’ rationalization plans, price setting, product development, and any/all other major strategic initiatives. At the top of USPS’ legal totem pole, Marshall manages a complex legal department with branch offices in 15 major metropolitan areas across the country.

Thomas Marshall’s Background

Marshall graduated cum laude from Villanova University with a bachelors degree in political science. In addition, he also attended Heythrope College of the University of London. Marshall then earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. To round it all off, he completed Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. Prior to assuming his current role, Marshall served as deputy general counsel for headquarters operations. Marshall joined USPS as an attorney with the Eastern Area Law Office, and has gone on to hold a variety of legal positions within the Postal Service. Some of his previous positions include deputy managing counsel in St. Louis, MO, managing counsel at the Capital Metro Law Office, and managing counsel of the Civil Practice Section.

Before Marshall joined USPS in 1995, he worked as a commercial litigator with Reed Smith Shaw & McClay, as well as with the Resolution Trust Corporation.

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