Blue USPS Mailboxes: Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your Packages Inside

Learn why we don't suggest dropping off packages in the blue USPS mailboxes you see around your neighborhood or town
blue usps mailboxes
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Think about the last time you were out and about in town. You probably saw at least a couple of blue USPS mailboxes. They’re everywhere, especially in highly populated city areas! New shippers often ask us if they can drop their packages inside of them, since these mailboxes are so convenient. While you technically can drop packages off inside, we don’t suggest it…and you’re about to read why.

Why We Don’t Suggest Dropping Packages Off in Blue USPS Mailboxes

There’s one main reason we don’t suggest dropping off packages inside the blue: mail fishing. This term describes a process that thieves use to “fish” out letters and packages in order to steal their contents. Yes, it’s a real thing! Mail fishing apparently got so bad in New York in recent years, that USPS had to roll out all new collection boxes throughout the city to combat the rise in these crimes.

Another slightly less scary reason is that USPS doesn’t always have eyes or cameras on their collection boxes, so there’s more opportunity for packages to get “lost” in transit when you drop them off in these boxes. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that a good majority of domestic packages that went missing were in fact dropped off in these collection boxes. So, in a nutshell…don’t do it, unless you absolutely have to!

Drop Your Packages Off at the Counter, or Schedule a Free Pickup Instead

If you’re looking for another way to get your boxes to USPS, the most tried and true method is to simply drop them off at the counter at your local Post Office. As long as you’ve already purchased a label with shipping software, you won’t need to wait in line or anything; you can walk right up to your Post Office’s package collection area, drop it off, and walk right back out! There’s usually a bin or an area in every Post Office designated for “pre-paid” packages…just look around, and you’ll find it.

Scheduling a pickup is another great way to get your package to USPS, if you absolutely don’t want to leave your house. USPS offers this service for free, and your letter carrier will pick up your packages when they typically deliver your mail on the next business day after you request a pickup.

Learn more about how to schedule a free USPS pickup.

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