How Do I Schedule a USPS Pickup?

Follow these steps to schedule a USPS pickup, and learn how you can schedule one for a specific date and time
USPS Pickup
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Scheduling a USPS pickup is a much easier way to hand off your packages than trucking everything to the Post Office. If you’re an eCommerce business owner, that’s good news for you! The best part about scheduling a USPS pickup is that it’s often free. Follow the steps below and you’ll be golden.

How to Schedule a USPS Pickup

  1. First, visit to schedule a pickup.
  2. Fill out the following sections, which include:
    • “Where should we pick up?”
    • “Where should we look for your shipment?”
      • Include any special instructions in this field. For example, write in if USPS needs to call a certain phone number or be made aware of any other aspects of your delivery
    • “What time should we pick up?”
    • “When should we pick up?”
      • Make sure to schedule your pickup prior to midnight on the day you want your items picked up.
      • You will want to make all final edits before 2:00 AM CST (Central Standard Time).
    • “How many items are we picking up?”
      • Document how many packages are being picked up and their combined weight. Estimate as closely as possible.
  3. Once you complete all these sections, click “Schedule a Pickup”

The Two Times You Can Schedule a USPS Pickup

  • During your usual mail delivery time – FREE
  • Scheduling a specific pickup time – $25

You’re All Set!

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’re good to go for pickup! Pretty easy, right? If you want more information on scheduling a USPS Pickup, feel free to check out the USPS FAQs.

You Can Also Schedule a Pickup through Online Shipping Software

If you use shipping software to purchase postage online, you can also schedule a pickup through whichever interface you use instead of going through the USPS website. However, you should note that most times, shipping software companies won’t allow you to schedule a specific pickup time from USPS; when you schedule a pickup through the shipping software interface you use, the pick-up time will default to the next business day, and your letter carrier will make it happen during the normal time they deliver your mail.

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  1. Mirra Rocchiccioli Gordon

    I do not know who wrote the instructions for how to pick up a package from USPS but they have never tried to follow the instructions written..
    I just Need the post office location for pick up of my package!

  2. Tori

    I don’t know why USPS even advises us to schedule a pick up online because online it always seems to take you to a screen that stays stuck on “Processing Please do not refresh this page” who has time to sit on that page forever? And FOREVER you will sit; therefore, your pick up will not get scheduled. Leave your package out if you would like, if it will fit in the mailbox, try placing it in there, but will it get picked up, that’s STILL the question? Mine haven’t. I’ve had to come back not once, not two, three or more, plus, plus, plus times I’ve always had to come back take the time and drop walk it into my local postal service obtaining a receipt for my drop off. I’m no longer waisting my time any longer online because it doesn’t work.

  3. Sheila Smith

    My mail carrier did NOT pick up the package on my porch that I had SCHEDULED to be picked up on Dec 16…

    • Tamie

      Call your post office and ask to speak to the postmaster directly. You can also try email. They will be reprimanded and your mail carrier does not like to miss a day or two in their paycheck if they get time off.


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