How Do I Schedule a USPS Pickup?

Follow these steps to schedule a USPS pickup
USPS Pickup

Scheduling a USPS pickup is a much easier way to hand off your packages than trucking everything to the Post Office. If you’re an E-commerce business owner, that’s good news for you! The best part about scheduling a USPS pickup is that it’s often free. Follow the steps below and you’ll be golden.

How to Schedule a USPS Pickup

  1. First, visit to schedule a pickup.
  2. Fill out the following sections, which include:
    • “Where should we pick up?”
    • “Where should we look for your shipment?”
      • Include any special instructions in this field. For example, write in if USPS needs to call a certain phone number or be made aware of any other aspects of your delivery
    • “What time should we pick up?”
    • “When should we pick up?”
      • Make sure to schedule your pickup prior to midnight on the day you want your items picked up.
      • You will want to make all final edits before 2:00 AM CST (Central Standard Time).
    • “How many items are we picking up?”
      • Document how many packages are being picked up and their combined weight. Estimate as closely as possible.
  3. Once you complete all these sections, click “Schedule a Pickup”

The Two Times You Can Schedule a USPS Pickup

  • During your usual mail delivery time – FREE
  • Scheduling a specific pickup time – Around $22

You’re All Set!

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’re good to go for pickup! Pretty easy, right? If you want more information on scheduling a USPS Pickup, feel free to check out the USPS FAQs.

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can also schedule a pickup with shipping software? Sometimes it’s a lot easier to go through an app like Pirate Ship rather than going through the USPS website. That way, you can save money on postage AND schedule a pickup at the same time!

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  1. Sheila Smith

    My mail carrier did NOT pick up the package on my porch that I had SCHEDULED to be picked up on Dec 16…


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