Can I Receive Emails Instead of Physical Mail?

You can't replace all your physical mail with emails, but you can preview your mail digitally with Informed Delivery
receive emails instead of physical mail

Wondering if you can solely receive emails instead of physical mail? We don’t blame you. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with physical mail, especially since so much of our lives are on our smartphones now. Unfortunately, we’ve got some less-than-stellar news. Some organizations will give you the option to go paperless, but you can’t entirely receive emails instead of physical mail. However, the US Postal Service offers a service called Informed Delivery that you need to know about.

Track Packages and Preview Mail with Informed Delivery

If you’re interested in receiving physical mail in your email inbox, Informed Delivery by USPS is the solution you never knew you needed. Informed Delivery is a convenient notification-based service that lets you track your packages and preview your letter-sized mail all in one place. Also, did we mention that it’s completely free to sign up?

How Do I Sign Up for Informed Delivery?

Signing up for informed delivery only takes a few minutes. First, all you need to do is visit USPS’ website and create an account (if you don’t have one already). Creating a USPS account also requires you to verify your address. Next, you’ll need to verify your identity. You can either do so online, or choose to receive a verification code via First Class Mail that you can enter in on USPS’ website once you have it.

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