Can I Ship Blank DVDs with Media Mail?

You can't use USPS Media Mail service to ship blank DVDs...but you still have a couple of other great options
ship blank DVDs with Media Mail
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Bad news! You can’t ship any blank DVDs with Media Mail. You can, however, use Media Mail service for shipping DVDs with content burned onto them. For example, you’re totally good to ship Media Mail for DVDs of educational videos, or good old fashioned movies.

USPS is very strict about what types of items qualify for Media Mail service. If you try to use Media Mail for items that don’t qualify, USPS charge you for a different shipping service…and you’ll end up paying the full Retail Rate. This can end up being a pretty expensive mistake!

For a list of the types of goods that qualify, check out our comprehensive guide on USPS Media Mail service.

Since I Can’t Use Media Mail, What’s the Cheapest Way to Ship Blank DVD’s?

If you’re shipping a stack of blank DVDs under 1 pound, your cheapest option is USPS First Class Package Service. If your DVDs weigh more than one pound, however, your cheapest option will likely be Priority Mail Cubic.

Since DVDs tend to be on the more fragile side, we always recommend purchasing shipping insurance. Keep in mind that all of USPS’ Priority Mail services come with built in insurance, while First Class Package does not.

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