Can You Track a Return to Sender Package?

USPS doesn't provide notifications or tracking updates for packages marked 'Return to Sender'
track a return to sender package
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Sometimes USPS considers a package undeliverable, like if the address provided on the label is insufficient (or doesn’t exist), if the recipient is unavailable when a signature is required, or if the letter carrier can’t access the delivery location for whatever reason. When this happens, it can be frustrating for shippers,  and they often wonder where their package is once it happens. Unfortunately, there’s no way to track a Return to Sender package once USPS begins delivering it back to you.

How Long Do Return to Sender Packages Take to Come Back?

The amount of time a returned package takes to come back depends on a variety of factors. The type of service you purchased and how far away you sent the package both contribute to the amount of time it takes for it to come back to you.

Generally speaking, a package will take the same time to come back as the original delivery timeframe suggests. For example, if you paid for Priority Mail, delivery typically occurs anywhere from 1-4 business days. So, a returned Priority Mail package might take the same amount of time to come back. On the other hand, if you paid for ground service, then the package will take longer to come back to you, since delivery for USPS ground packages ranges anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

You Can Still File a Missing Mail Search

If the package coming back to you seems to be taking much longer to arrive than expected, you may want to know where it is. In this case, while you won’t be able to track a return to sender package, you might have better luck filing a missing mail search request with USPS. You can provide the tracking number, and USPS can run a search in their system for where the package might be held up in the network.

Visit the USPS website to begin a missing mail search request for your package.

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  1. Sally

    Shame on usps for. Such poor services not updating. return to sender. Information. And have no answers when you call them. Never in my life have seen such incabeble people

  2. Richard

    I returned a package to Amazon: 1850 Mercer Rd. Suite 100 Lexington KY 40598. How can I find the status;

  3. Rakesh

    How can l return oudr

  4. Alice Bos

    How can I find out if my return to sender package was sent back or is it sitting at post office to be sent back?

  5. Tsholo

    My package was returned to sender. And I cannot trace it. How do I know where it was sent?

    • Dahiru Hashim Muhammad

      Please how can I know where my package is? becouse since last week USPS said could not get the address therfore ut would be returned but yet I have not received it for than a week see the tracking No below EI504380855US

  6. Herb

    I received a package that I wasn’t suppose to get. I took it to the Post Office unopened and as them to send it back. They sent it back using the same Tracking Number that it was sent to me with. I am unable to track it. But I need to know when it arrives back to the company that sent it to me so I can get re-imbursed for the contents they sent. But unable to track myself, hope the Post Office can.

    • Larry

      While on vacation a package was marked as delivered. It wasn’t. Apparently there was a problem with the package so they marked it delivered to stop the tracking process. While the custiomer cannot track the return to sender, the post office can and should be followed up on. This is how you know it is actually being sent back and not lost or stolen.

  7. Paulette Hyde

    How can I track my return package

    • Kay

      I returned a package by mail to the company without a return label or tracking number. They say they can’t find it without the tracking number. What can I do

  8. Leonora Finnerty

    Can I arrange for my parcel to be delivered to my local post office which is being returned back to me to my local post office which is Tesco Pitsea please

  9. How do I send a package returned to sender do I write return to sender on the package

    • George Townsend

      Maybe you should contact the company, I think that’s the best Idea.

  10. Mindy

    Destination podt office put this on the tracking and now i dont know what they really did it when 820 out for delivery then return to sender and then was put up by a person at post office not sure how this can happen 911 help i did interupt package request im lost

    • Krystal

      My normal carrier was on vacation the worker covering took it upon himself to return all incoming packages he wrote on the packages that I moved yet I never put a change of address form in , I’ve lived here for 5 years my name is still in mailbox , claims I moved but still drops all my other mail except packages? Leaves pickup slips for next day but putting a return to sender same day it’s out of delivery never had packages in the truck

  11. Joanne Holmes

    I sent my package back a day
    After I got it in the mail. I didn’t exchange for anything
    Can I track the package I returned?

    • Jessica moreira

      The sender the sender forgot to wrote my apartment number and I called the post office and they said it was already Bernini sent back and at a different facility now it showing delivered to my front door and I didn’t not get anything and when I called them they said it was sent back to sender and reopen a case , what a package get delivered back to sender would it show that it was delivered to the address on the tracking number

  12. Judy scabuzzo

    Please don’t deliver to that address return it back to sender

    • Chandrakumar

      Pakage need return (walking stick leg not in level

  13. Judy Scabuzzo

    Please return the package to sender am not yet home 9505512776361308419978 9505512776381309363711 That is the 2 tracking number help me return it back before they delivered

  14. Nelson L Whitehead

    Do not deliver cancel return to sender for pickup


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