What is a Direct Thermal Label Printer?

Use a direct thermal label printer to print shipping labels at home or at the office
Rollo direct thermal label printer

A Direct Thermal Label Printer is a label printer that uses heat to print instead of ink. These types of printers were designed to print postage and shipping labels, making it EVEN EASIER to buy postage online with shipping software!

Our Recommendation

ROLLO Shipping Label Printer – $164.99

The ROLLO printer is our top recommendation. It’s affordable, it’s also commercial grade, and it’s super fast! It also works great with both Windows and Mac computers, and it doesn’t require proprietary labels. Remember: this printer uses heat to print. That means you won’t ever have to re-stock on supplies like you would with a normal ink printer. Pretty cool, right?

If you go with the ROLLO printer, you’ll also need to buy the actual thermal labels themselves to print on. ROLLO sells fan-fold stacks of 500 labels for a reasonable price. However, if you’re printing batches of labels in the thousands, you should search for fan-fold stacks of 2000. That way, you won’t have to reload your labels as much.

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