Do I Have to Put My Postage Label on Top of My Package?

You can put postage anywhere on your package! Just make sure it's not obstructed.
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The short answer? No. You can place your postage label just about anywhere on your package, just as long as it is easily identifiable and legible for carriers.

So I Can Put My Postage Label…Anywhere?

Yep! It doesn’t matter so much where you put it on your package. What’s more important is whether your barcode is scannable and unobstructed (assuming you print your label from a shipping label printer). As a general guideline, be sure to avoid creases, curvatures, indents, and other places on your package that might impede the scanning or reading process. In fact, that’s one of our golden rules of properly preparing your package for shipmentAt the end of the day, feel free to place your postage label on the top, bottom, or sides of your package! Go crazy…just not too crazy.

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