Does USPS Offer Freight Shipping?

The U.S. Postal Service doesn't offer freight shipping services, so shippers will need to use other carriers such as UPS or FedEx for larger shipments weighing over 150 pounds
does USPS offer freight shipping
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While most eCommerce shippers typically send handheld packages, there may be a one-off situation when you need to send a heavy and large item via freight service. When this happens, some shippers might wonder whether USPS can accept a freight shipment for a low cost. Unfortunately, USPS doesn’t offer any freight shipping services, so individuals and businesses will need to work with other carriers like UPS and FedEx, who do offer freight services for shipments that weigh more than their regular services allow for.

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USPS Does Not Offer Freight Shipping

USPS focuses on handling and delivering mail and small parcels with a maximum weight of up to 70 pounds. As such, the Postal Service doesn’t offer any freight shipping options. If you’re wondering why, just look at USPS delivery trucks in your neighborhood; most freight shipments couldn’t even fit inside of them!

For oversized and heavier shipments that weigh hundreds of pounds (such as furniture, large artwork, and machinery), you’ll need to use a different shipping carrier other than USPS. However, if your shipment falls under the USPS maximum dimensions and weighs less than 70 pounds, you’ll still be able to use USPS shipping services such as Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express.

Learn more about the maximum package dimensions USPS allows for its different shipping services.

You Can Use Regular UPS & FedEx Services for Shipments Between 70-150 Pounds

For shipments weighing over 70 pounds but under 150 pounds, you can use regular UPS or FedEx shipping services (non-freight).

Here are some examples of popular UPS & FedEx shipping services for packages up to 150 pounds:

  • UPS Ground
  • FedEx Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • FedEx Express
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • FedEx Same-Day

UPS and FedEx impose a maximum weight of 150 pounds for each of the above services. However, both carriers offer freight shipping services for products that exceed the 150-pound threshold.

Unlike USPS, UPS & FedEx Offer Freight Services For Shipments Over 150 Pounds

As we said above, UPS and FedEx both offer freight services for shipments over 150 pounds, while USPS does not. Prices for freight services from UPS and FedEx vary based on the size of the item you’re sending, how much it weighs, how far it needs to travel, and whether it requires any special handling services.

For more information and to get quotes on your freight shipment, visit the FedEx Freight and UPS Freight landing pages.

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