How Can I Rent a PO Box from USPS?

Learn about the benefits of renting out a PO Box from USPS and how you can get one
how can I rent a PO box from USPS
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Looking for an added layer of security for your mail and packages, or just want another place to pick up your mail? You should think about getting a PO Box from USPS. USPS offers the ability to rent a PO Box for a fee to anyone who wants more than residential or general delivery that they provide for free. In some cases, if USPS doesn’t deliver to your home address, they also assign PO Boxes for no fee at all!

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You Can Rent a PO Box from USPS by Applying at Your Local Post Office or Online

If you want to rent a PO Box from USPS, you can apply for a one in person at a Post Office, or on the USPS website. USPS won’t approve your application for a PO Box until they verify your identity and the current permanent physical address where you reside or conduct business. Note that there can only be one primary box holder for a PO Box, although the box holder may permit others (such as family members or business partners) to also use the box.

Renting a PO Box starts at $4 a month in certain Post Offices, but the price ultimately depends on your location. To read more about applying for a Post Office box, check out this form.

The Benefits of Renting a PO Box

On top of getting some extra space for your mail and package deliveries, there are a few key benefits of renting a PO box from USPS, which we’ve outlined below.

Added Layers of Security

Far and away, the biggest upside to getting a PO Box is the added layer of security you’ll get. While taking mail from a mailbox is a federal offense, it doesn’t stop some people from doing it. Furthermore, “porch pirates”—individuals who swipe parcels from porches or doorsteps—have also become a real problem as the number of home deliveries has grown in recent years. By keeping your deliveries in a secure location, PO Boxes protect your mail and packages from these types of thieves. If you don’t have a key, you can’t open the PO Box, plain and simple.

Mail Usually Arrives Faster to PO Boxes

Since PO Boxes are located within Post Offices lobbies, USPS typically delivers mail and parcels faster to PO boxes than they do to residences. This is fairly obvious, since letter carriers don’t need to take the mail and parcels out on their routes. Instead, postal workers can leave your deliveries directly in your PO Box at your local Post Office once they arrive!

Flexible Hours and Easy Access

The final benefit of using a PO Box is the flexibility you get by renting one. PO Box clusters are usually located in Post Office lobbies, and these lobbies often stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s not uncommon for PO Box renters to get their mail and packages long after normal business hours! Lobbies with PO Boxes are also open on weekends, when USPS doesn’t regular offer service at their Post Offices. So, by renting a PO Box, you give yourself the ability to pick up your mail and packages whenever you want to.

How Can I Find a Post Office Box Near Me?

One thing to keep in mind is that not every Post Office location has PO Boxes available to rent. If you’re looking for the closest PO Box availability, try using the search field on the PO Box locater. Simply enter your address, city or zip code, and USPS will display all the available PO Boxes near you.

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  1. Doreen Medina

    I need a PO box please where do I go

  2. M

    Our fees more than DOUBLED. Now being about $150 a year! Does seem excessive.

    • Celina

      I agree $150 a year is way too expensive. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in theft of packages- even in good neighborhoods. Thieves have become really brazen. Since most of my packages are artwork from a family member, I might foot the expense because they cannot be replaced. I’ve also read on-line that if you mail packages at the beginning of the week after the weekend, they will arrive much faster..


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