Why Won’t USPS Deliver to My House?

If you live in a rural area or a neighborhood with a community mailbox, USPS may not deliver mail and packages directly to your door
Why Won't USPS Deliver to My House
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If you’re wondering why USPS won’t deliver to your house, it’s okay to be confused (and frustrated)! However, before you go storming into your local Post Office, there’s almost always a rational explanation. This guide lists some of the main reasons why USPS won’t deliver mail and parcels directly to your door.

The Main Reasons Why USPS Won’t Deliver to Your House

USPS delivers mail and parcels to every single residential address in the country. However, some homes are different from others. For some homes, you may need to go elsewhere to retrieve your mail and packages from USPS. This can get confusing at times, since you’ll likely still receive packages at your doorstep from other carriers such as UPS and FedEx.

We’ve listed the main reasons why USPS won’t deliver to your house below.

Do You Live in a Rural Area?

Sometimes USPS won’t deliver to your home if it’s located in a rural area, or if it’s in a place where there aren’t many other homes around. USPS needs to deliver mail and packages to every single residential address in the country, which can get fairly time-consuming. It’s easier for them to make deliveries when homes are clustered together, like they are in major metropolitan areas or a lot of suburbs. However, when homes are too spread apart, it saves USPS time and resources to cluster deliveries in a specific location where residents need to go to pick up their mail and packages.

You Have a PO Box or a Community Mailbox

Similar to our last point, community mailboxes are often the solution when USPS doesn’t deliver directly to your door. If you live in a remote area, it’s not uncommon for USPS to assign you a PO Box. Any mail and small packages will appear in these boxes at your local Post Office. If you get a larger package, USPS will give you a key to open a locker where they’re keeping it.

USPS Can’t Deliver to Your Home if Your Address Doesn’t Exist in the USPS Database

Lastly, you may not be getting any packages or mail from USPS if your address doesn’t exist in their database. This is fairly common for newly-constructed homes, and for apartments or condos within new developments. It takes a while for addresses to update. Until that happens, USPS won’t deliver to you because they don’t have a “delivery point code” for your address!

A good way to see if USPS has a delivery point is to enter your address into their ZIP Code Lookup tool. If your address exists in the USPS database, you’ll see a complete ZIP code returned, containing the first five digits plus an extra four (these designate the delivery point). If your address isn’t in the database, you won’t see those extra 4 digits at the end of your ZIP code. For context, here’s an example of a ZIP code with a designated delivery point: 10001-1234.

The good news is, you can do your part to ensure that your address gets added to the USPS database. If you need a walkthrough of how to do that, we’ve written a guide that shows you how to add your address to the USPS database.

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  1. Darlene

    I live within city limits of a small town. I’ve lived at two other small towns prior to this that had almost the same population as this one. the first two had mail delivery to your house. this USPS Post Office does not. no matter what. I’m with in town limits. I’m disabled. I have no vehicle. however they do give me a free post office box. which is pretty useless when you can’t get there. and if you do get there you better make sure it’s during very limited hours. that includes the lobby. unlike other post office you don’t get to just walk in and check your post office no matter the time of day or night. here you got to follow by their hours or get no mail.I’ve been reading all I can trying to figure out if this is supposed to be this way and why. I did read a couple of different times that they delivered to every residential address. that is the worst joke that I’ve heard so far.in the beginning I asked a few times why this was and what I could do or whatever.. the only answer you get is oh we don’t have mail delivery. you get a free post office box. that only explain why so I can find out if there’s an option. why should I have to pay someone $10 each time to get my mail? that’s paying twice for the same service. isn’t the post office getting paid from the stamps and the shipping fees? aren’t they getting paid to make sure you can ship and receive your mail? what what why do they get paid and then I still have to pay someone in order to get it? when I first moved here I put in a complaint and you know what happened? the next time I walked in the post office lady goes oh I knew that was you putting in that I told you already we don’t have mail delivery. I already knew complaining to them wasn’t going to work because I already done it. how am I supposed to reach someone else that can either explain it to me, fix it, give me an alternative, something. I would have never ever bought this house had I been informed that there was no such thing as mail service here.I had a small business when I moved here that was doing pretty well. not no more. no mail service. if anyone anyone can give me some advice please do. I’ve even tried to get a map of where I can get mail delivered here. if I have to move a mile out of town or five blocks down the street or something I I don’t know they’re I can’t even get that I can’t even find out what houses do you have mail service. this is so bad it’s so difficult for me that I’m seriously considering renting out my house and finding a house that has a mailbox and renting it for myself. I would sell my house in a heartbeat but nobody would want it. that’s how badly I need a mailman. any help or advice or information would be very much appreciated. thank you

    • Virgo

      Darlene, sorry that’s happening to you. Your wall of text isn’t helping your case: most people will skip reading a wall of text. You are using ‘defeatism”: you’re saying no one will want your house. You don’t know that: you wanted it, didn’t you? In what state is this happening? You can try to hire someone to pick up your mail but how can you trust someone you don’t know. Why did you move to a small town if you’re alone and disabled? I’ve wanted to move to a rural area for peace & quiet but I’m in the same boat as you, so there’s no way i can manage that on my own. It’s been 20 years I’ve wanted to do so and here I am, amidst noise & chaos and medically needing a stress free life. 🙁

      And yes, complaining in a small town kinda defeats the purpose, plus you risk retaliation. I don’t know what to tell you other than try to post an ad for a helper on Craigslist or try to find someone by putting ads on billboards or talking to neighbors: how do you even manage to buy groceries? That’s my #1 reason for being unable to move to a rural area, as I no longer drive. Good luck to you.

  2. Katy

    So obviously I didn’t know anybody these rules and I ordered a bunch of stuff to my vacation rental. And they all were “undeliverable” or “returned to sender”. Why isn’t jr told to people that they shouldn’t expect packages to be delivered?

  3. Heidi

    My address is listed in the rural route. Should they be delivering to my home.

  4. Jay

    So when I order stuff online, I pay to have my package delivered to my house. I live out of town and they don’t come within 5 blocks of my house, yet they lie to the consumer and tell them they will deliver to my address when they clearly do NOT. Is there any way to cancel package delivery only? I need them to stop lying to people about the deliveries. Every time I have to drive 2 hours and spend 4-5 gallons of gas to do what they were already paid to do, it’s getting really old.

  5. Mary

    The post office refuses to deliver mail to my home because of a prior tenants issues they had a dog the dog died the tenant no longer lives here and I am the new tenant Can they refuse me delivery of my mail

    • Michelle

      I would go to the post office and even take your lease with you and let them know that person no longer lives there and you’re the new tenant. Tell them to take that note off your address and start delivering your mail.

  6. Carl

    I was told I could not have a free po/box because I live in a private community. A lot of my neighbors have free boxes but I was told they were grandfathered in and if I want mail delivered I can put a mailbox in the next town that has a road going by our development

    • Bonnie

      Oh wow. That’s both absurd and enlightening. The next town? Unbelievable.
      After the worst storm in recent history to hit Southeast Texas, renting a PO Box was the only option for many of us and they made that process simple and quick. Additionally, we could use the post office’s physical address for deliveries. As far as I knew, anyone in a temporary shelter could do the same.
      Turns out that’s not at all the case as I found out last week when attempting to rent a PO Box a few towns away because much to my dismay and surprise, I am again moving. I’ve lived here peacefully (minus the mail that never arrives) for two years and I’ve never been a day late paying rent. But that’s the breaks.
      The good news is, as of this Thursday I’ll no longer live in the land of vanishing mail. The bad news is, this is my eighth involuntary move in five years, I don’t yet have a place to go, so I have no physical address as of right now, and I’ve read horror stories about putting mail on hold but I’m on a fixed income and I have no other options.
      This oughta be interesting. Another adventure awaits! Ugh.
      Thanks so much for sharing your ordeal. It’s amazing how a service we rely on heavily can abruptly pull out the rug from under us when our options are limited at best.

      • Robert


        Placing mail on hold actually holds all mail for that address. USPS doesn’t usually hold mail by individual name.

        You may want to check into an USPS box again and have your mail forwarded to the new PO Box.

      • Virgo

        Hi Bonnie, Don’t know if you’ll ever see this but a few things:

        1) Informed Delivery is the name of an EMAIL service provided by USPS to let you know mail is coming. That’s all.

        2) EVERYONE on the planet is on “fixed income”, unless you’re a billionaire. So no need to repeat that fallacy. Try “I’m on a very very LOW income bracket” drives the point across better.

        3) I get you. I’m homeless, was evicted due to COVID & a nasty manager, and been made to move every 3 weeks for the past six months. Haven’t done the math but several dozen times and it continues. I am disabled too. My first year on my own, I moved 87 times in 12 months. That was decades ago, and it continues. I must have moved a couple thousand times altogether.

        4) Because we have similar paths & you asked for help, here it is: you are likely to have negative entities attachments. I am seriously looking into this. Moving so much means I encountered “things” as in paranormal or hauntings. I am not joking. Currently looking for a shaman to help me rid of whatever is causing these patterns of moving. You (&I) cannot change others and the postal workers are rude & inconsiderate and most of them are foreigners who have 0 USA customer svc skills and treat you as badly as they do at home. It’s time for a change, inside out. This is what I’m looking for and I hope it helps you as well. Even if you don’t believe it, do research, watch vids & you’ll see it prob applies to you as well Good luck on your next move, I was forced to move day after Xmas, was busy alone packing on Xmas day.

        • Virgo

          Clarification: because someone earning $15,000 a month salary is also on ‘Fixed” income, so that does not convey what you were trying to. “I”m on a fixed income!” “OH yeah? What do you do?” “I’m a cop, I earn $179,000.00 a year”. See how that goes? Readers don’t know if you’re earning $7.20 an hour or $480 an hour on your fixed income. ;o)

    • Jc

      They told me the same but the town told me it’s against the law to put a mail box anywhere but in front of the house it belongs to

  7. Bonnie

    Hi! I moved to a new location two years ago and was surprised to find out that Informed Delivery isn’t available at this address. I called the folks at USPS several times to try and find out why that was but no one I spoke with could explain. I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought afterwards until a few weeks later when I was waiting on a piece of personal first class mail that had been sent to me by the former occupant of this house and she was waiting for me to acknowledge having received It but it was taking forever to get here. It never showed up. I filed a missing mail claim online and within no time at all I had another piece of first class mail that failed to arrive, a doctors prescription that I had to have mailed out to me once a month due to the pandemic. After waiting weeks for it to show up I again filed the online paperwork to report the missing mail. I never got any response so I then filed a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General. At some point after that I received an email from the post office in the nearby town that services this area. That email basically said someone there would call me the next day and it at the bottom of the email it stated something like Case Closed. Naturally the promised call never came. Whether or not I receive my important mail items appears in my view directly linked to its contents. I gave up trying to keep up with how much of my postal mail that I’m expecting to receive ends up vanishing into thin air. But as a recent example of this ongoing problem I paid for my car registration renewal online a month ago and I have yet to receive my license plate sticker. I’m disabled btw and on a fixed income and these issues have been an ongoing struggle to find solutions to. as they would for anyone, especially during a pandemic, but I have no other choice but to work out alternatives to my missing mail. For instance I spent over a year driving to my doctors house to pick up my monthly prescription that his wife would tape to the outside of their mailbox as I had no other options. The hardships I’ve endured due to the insanity of mail that never arrives are almost as bad as being ignored and dismissed. That became solidified after I wound up finding out that each state has an oversight person for the USPS and I was able to contact them by telephone only to be met with an incredulous attitude and the astonishment that Informed Delivery isn’t available everywhere and finally as is customary, I was again summarily dismissed. At one point I contacted the USPS and asked if they had any suggestions for me to which they replied that I could ask for a free PO BOX. Which I did, at the closest location to me, after explaining the situation, and the guy behind the counter rolled his eyes so hard I swear it was audible.
    This ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve had mail destroyed by the machines but it eventually showed up, lost mail isn’t an anomaly as far as I know and it’s happened before to plenty of us, and there’s the stolen mail that happened age 17 when I was already living on my own having just graduated high school and working already for the past two years and that mail item happened to be a credit card that I applied for but never received which I knew nothing about credit at that time and I never even knew that happened until I got denied repeatedly by subsequent creditors and reamed by the one car lot willing to finance a car for me at an interest rate that should have been illegal but it was years of ruined credit that resulted from that piece of stolen mail and I had to fight that credit card company forever and tolerate their abusive collection tactics before finally convincing them that I wasn’t at fault. By the time that ordeal was finally over, the damage had already been done so I just moved on to the next … dare I say …fiasco. So all things considered my vanishing mail here at my current location hasn’t yet ruined my life but then again my life was already ruined when I got here
    If I could afford it I’d just pay for a PO BOX but that’s not even a remote possibility. And for all the craziness and chaos and criminality that I endured concerning the place I lived before. at least I did eventually get my mail. even if I had to pay an extortionist to get it. I’m forced to start over after having to walk away from my paid for house and losing my every possession and due to the insane aftermath of that storm within a year and a half I was homeless and penniless, I find a place to rent roughly 1,000 miles away, and these fools don’t even care if they deliver mail and packages or not. They certainly aren’t going to own up to there being a problem, let alone address it. I’ve already moved seven times in three years and I have no where else to go unless my disability income miraculously doubles so I give up. Unless you know of a solution,, and I am completely open to suggestions assuming they don’t require me to incur costs for which I have no available funds, I would be entirely grateful to have any input on how I can resolve this problem once and for all as there is obviously something rotten in Denmark.

    • Joe

      You have waaaay too much time on your hands

      • Bonnie

        Thank you for your astute observation! It’s called PTSD. It is my sincere wish that you have the good fortune to never be directly and permanently negatively affected by abruptly occurring, soul crushing, life shattering events.

  8. David G.

    NOTE: anyone with a locking or similar box with a slot to insert mail (lock isn’t the actual issue) needs to be aware that “…if the package would fit in a ‘regular’ box, it will not be delivered.”
    It’s a USPS approved box in place for 11yrs with no issues. Known carrier this long and they know I’m disabled.
    My question: is there an actual postal code for this?? Regards to all

  9. M H

    I just moved to a new apartment and ordered a lot of things from Amazon. Apparently the very large apartment complex is considered rural. Everything came to my door except a package sent thru the post office. It went to the main post office & the mail carrier lied and wrote that customer requested shipment to be held for collection. I never talked to anybody & was home. I called the post office and could never reach a live person to talk to. So I called the Fraud Dept because someone fraudulently claimed I requested it to be sent to the post office.

    So I will cancel any orders that use the Post Office to deliver & I’ll just buy the same thing from another vendor.

    I guess the Post Office doesn’t care that they are losing business.

    • M H

      They changed their policy and started delivering!

  10. Edie

    Packages sent to me via UPS are then delivered to me via USPS……the problem they report delivered to porch— and there is no porch. They delivered it to inside my garage! In the past deliveries had been put inside my covered breezeway. Today another package and it was left at the end of my sidewalk, in the driveway! What is going on?

    • Bo Brandon

      Yeah sounds like my post office they are now leaving mine at my porch…

      I have a ring camera and doorbell because a lot of our packages are time sensitive. And we had several stolen…

      To the point I came out of my basement last year to seeing a shadow of someone on my porch. My immediate was to protect my property and get the police involved…

      I almost had to do it again this weekend was in the bathroom and came out to the sound of a viehicle pulling off…

      I immediately did the first reaction until luckily I saw it was a USPS viehicle…

      It’s 6 ft from the end of my porch to the front door… Literally 6 ft.

      I caught the driver and told him what I thought because it could have been bad

      Now they are trying to refuse to deliver any package as me making a rude gesture and calling out the carrier for not doing his job as a threat. Because I warned them I am armed and I don’t take to people sneaking around my property.

      Why are you not following your own code
      Section 63 631.1
      Says you will deliver TO THE DOOR

  11. Deborah Konawel, Danielle Konawel & Darlene Curtisgoo

    I’ve had a pobox for approximately 8 years (because of my mailbox being hit by farm vehicles, completely run over by cars & last was 9/1/21 a tornado ripped it up & it completely disappeared) before my renewal on 7/30/22 I went into my post office and did a change of address ‘back to my home address’ where YES another mailbox was put up a week before that. It was over $200. a yr. for my pobox & with gas prices as they’ve gone up as well it was my decision to Close my pobox & get my mail’At My Home’; I’ve received mail only yesterday 9/6/22 & now today 9/7/22 for the FIRST TIME But Today I Also Had A Short Note From My Mailman Saying If I Didn’t Change My Town that my mail will Start To Be Returned!! This is Ridiculous, it’s been Well Over A Month With Absolutely No Mail In My Mailbox Until Yesterday 9/6/22 & mail ‘Has Been Being Sent Back Since 8/1/22 When My Pobox Was Closed. I get No Bills, Prescriptions Have Been Sent Back 3 Times For My Daughter With A Mental Illness, I get no junk mail, bank statements etc….. Also I’ve been to my post office where I had the pobox Fourteen Times Regarding This. I even spoke with the Supervisor, Post master etc.. Now I’m being told it’s my fault because I wrote the wrong town. I’m pretty sure I 100% know where I live, pay taxes etc…what can I do before the threat of this mail carrier to start returning my mail as it’s been happening for over a month anyway???

    • Robert

      Did the USPS clerk fill out COA form or did you?

      Did you get a COA confirmation letter at the home address?

      NO this means there is an an issue with COA. Which you have just found out.

      YES – visit the USPS COA website and select “ Want to View, Edit, Cancel or Dispute your USPS Change-of-Address®?” – enter confirmation code from letter.

      Are you able to see exactly what you entered for the COA?

      Search your address in USPS address lookup tool – https://tools.usps.com/zip-code-lookup.htm – this is the address variation you need to be using. Enter this address in the COA form.

      NOTE: If you are receiving mail/packages in an incorrect address variation (other than variation in USPS lookup) update this IMMEDIATELY!

      Start with your free yearly credit reports – https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/free-credit-reports. Call the dispute number on each report and ask what creditors are reporting said info. Correct with creditors.

    • Robert

      Forgot –

      Search your address in website Melissa Data (lookups/personator) – any error codes/incorrect info?

      Error codes – contact USPS address management and have this corrected – https://postalpro.usps.com/ppro-tools/address-management-system

      Are you able to register your address with USPS informed delivery? I highly recommend this – this service emails you daily the USPS mail/packages to be delivered to your address (including past resident mail). Let me know if you aren’t – I have tips.

      I also suggest doing these steps as well –

      Make sure your name is on/in mailbox

      Fill out “new customer card” (even if not new to address) at servicing USPS. This card instructs mail carrier on what names should receive mail at your address. I have used forms 4232 & the VACANT card in the past. Include ALL name variations that will receive mail at your address. Forget one and these mailers may be returned to sender. (First/last, last/first, first initial/last, nicknames, maiden, misspelled, etc.)

      I suggest having ALL mail delivered in one name variation – again start with credit reports. Ask what creditors are reporting this info and then correct with crediotrs.

      Eliminate past resident mail – this will avoid any confusion on what names should receive mail at your address.

      Past resident first class mail – write “NOT at this address” and place in your outgoing mail. If the individual moved 18+ months ago (COA’s expire after 18 months) write “NOT at this address – MLNA” (moved left no address) instead.

      Examples of First class mail – presorted first class, forever/first class stamp, metered, priority, special endorsed

      Non-first class mail (yours & past resident) – the ONLY way to stop these mailers is to contact the sender and request removal of name/address from their USPS mailing list.

      Examples of Non-first class mail – marketing/junk, presorted STD, presorted standard stamp, “or current resident”, EDDM/ECRWSS/ECRWSH, charity, political, non-profit

      Here is a list of common USPS junk/marketing mailers with easy opt outs – I have more if needed and let me know if any info is incorrect or needs to be updated.


    • Pat

      Check with your Post master what town they want listed. I know it may sound stupid, but the PO does not always use the same municipality as what you write down.

      If you are using the correct town then send a complaint to the PO Consumer Affairs for your area.

      Good luck.

  12. rick

    I think I may have a new one no one has mentioned yet. We have 2 properties on the oregon coast that we often rent out as airbnb’s. The addresses are valid, we have worked with the local post office to place a mailbox, and were receiving mail fine up until a couple months ago when a new post master was installed. The new post master refuses to deliver to short term rentals, and we need supplies delivered. He cites illegal activity, I guess illegal things being delivered to other rentals and usps being liable. He also says that since you arent permanently living there they do not have to deliver mail. I was under the assumption that if you owned a home with a good valid service address you were entitled to delivery? Can someone point me to official usps policy about them having to or not? I also work for the government and know everything HAS TO be in writing to be enforcable.

    • Robert

      Sounds like the new postmaster has dealt with the many issues of short term rentals (Airbnb) allowing mail/package deliveries.

      They seem to take the well being/safety of mail/packages, addresses, owners at heart. Just try to look at in their perspective.

      They are preventing you from having these issues –

      If a short term rental is accessible for mail/package delivery you will start having issues with renters receiving illegal items.

      In some states – You set yourself up for having to “evict” renters since they are able to establish residency by receiving mail.

      Renters can use your address on their government documents, credit reports, bank accounts, etc. and then you have to hire a lawyer to force them to remove this address.

      I know this is an inconvenience for your particular situation because you just want your supplies delivered via USPS. But allowing for your packages to be delivered also allows for others to have USPS packages delivered.

      I suggest – get creative…

      locating a supply company that doesn’t deliver via USPS

      Have supplies delivered when cleaning/repair crew is there via various delivery services.

      Do you have a company that manages the properties? Are they able to add this service to their duties – delivery of supplies.

      • Rick

        Hi, thanks for your response. I believe you are correct on this, it’s really unfortunate because there are no ups stores that I can have it delivered to outside of 30 miles away. Having the supplies delivered to a cleaner is also tough because of theft related issues. We manage the properties ourselves, property management companies want 30 percent in the area and don’t take good care of your home (investment).

  13. Chris K.

    My neighborhood has 12 residential homes within 1/2 mile from the main road. We all live on this one paved road. They won’t deliver packages here. My town’s post office is a 45 min drive round trip. They are open only 11:30 – 1:30 M-F. That’s 10 hours per week at a very inconvenient time for the working person. What a shame the postal employee won’t deliver to us when he delivers mail. He won’t even deliver to the first house that is just in front of him. The post office, for our neighbor town, is just 15-20 min away, with more open hour, and they won’t transfer packages there.
    Our mish mash group of mailboxes is an eye sore: very trashy. What’s up? Our crabby postmaster for the area refuses to address the issue. She just dismisses our complaint.

    • Robert

      USPS isn’t responsible for individual mailboxes. This is the responsibility of each homeowner to properly maintain the mailbox as well as the post.

      Have you spoken with the other residents to see if they are interested in installing a CBU (cluster mailbox)? Again, the residents will be responsible for this CBU maintenance. These CBU”’s usually come with parcel lockers.

    • Robert

      Door delivery is a courtesy – most don’t realize this.

      Carriers don’t usually get paid to deliver packages to your door – so most won’t take the extra time to deliver packages. Especially, if your “point of delivery” (mailbox) is separate from your driveway.

      With the increase of packages this courtesy service is being squeezed out – I expect door delivery to cease within the next few years.

      NOTE: If you obtain an USPS PO Box you can have ALL packages delivered to the PO Box via street delivery.

      • Chris K

        Hi, thanks for addressing the package delivery issue. Never knew that package delivery was at the discretion of the mail carrier.
        However, aren’t they required to deliver the first class mail to your residential mail box that is accessible by street on your property? I have read on the USPS site that they need to deliver mail within 1/2 mile of main road.. I am not the only one on this street. I speak for the neighborhood of 12 residences within 1/2 mile from main road. We do live on a fully maintained paved road.
        I thought about a po box. These packages won’t all fit and I would need an postal worker to get them for me. So I still have to get there within the 10 hours per week they are open. Thanks.

        • Robert

          Delivery of first class mail – USPS determines the “point of delivery” for each address. Not sure of the distance issue you asked – This may be at local postmaster discretion.

          Sometimes the point of delivery is your front porch, street delivery to single mailbox near your driveway (could be on opposite side of street), group of single mailboxes (your case ), CBU (cluster mailbox), free PO Box for non-street delivery addresses, etc.

          Once that point of delivery is in place it is extremely difficult to change. UNLESS it benefits USPS/carrier or there is a safety issue.

          Benefits the carrier – safer, shortens delivery route, less stops, etc.

          Are you wanting to change the location of your mailbox (closer to your driveway)?

          • Chris K.

            It would be nice to have my mailbox closer to my home instead of being on a highway with traffic. I do hate getting my mail. My main grief is that I can’t get packages delivered to me. All the neighborhood mailboxes across this busy road. Instead, we have to pick up packages at the PO. It is difficult to drive one hour to get there between the hours of 11:30-1:30 weekdays. The area has grown so much over7 years. The PO operates like a rural town. Crazy. The carrier is already at our street. We need to cute down on emission on top of it.

  14. Jordan

    The ones at my place are lazy. I live in an apartment complex and they don’t deliver on Sundays. They just put driveway blocked and undeliverable. I’m always home Sundays and they just wait til Monday to leave it at my landlord. Bunch of lazy people who get hired to work routes on Sundays.

    • Robert

      Apartment door delivery is becoming a thing of the past.

      More than likely your packages are delivered to the leasing office and they are closed on Sundays. That is why the package is then delivered on Monday.

      Do you have a mail room?

      Are there parcel lockers? NO – ask apartment management to install these so at least small packages can be delivered to the mail room.

  15. Brooke

    My name is on the package that I am trying to deliver but it has my parents address and the package keeps getting forwarded. Is this because I do not technically live at this address even though that is where I want my package to go?

    • Robert

      Forwarded where….or do you mean returned to sender.

      Do you have an active USPS COA (change of address in the system.

      COA’s expire after 18 months but may stay in the system longer.

  16. Kimberly

    What’s up with the post office in Trent,Sd? We can’t get mail delivered to our homes. We have to have a PO box in our part time post office. Now they want to charge us for a box! What happened to the 1 free mail box per household? I don’t want my mail wet, dirty and slush covered out on some highway…

    • Robert

      If the USPS doesn’t have street delivery for your address then yes your entitled to a free PO Box if one is available.


      (Copied from above link)

      There is no mail delivery where I live. Can I apply for a PO Box online?
      You can search for an available PO Box online, but you need to apply for a PO Box at a Post Office and determine whether you qualify for a no-fee PO Box. 


      (Copied from above link)

      5.2Free Box Service (Group E)
      Customers may qualify for free (Group E) post office box service if their physical address or business location meets all of the following criteria:
      a. The physical address or business location is within the geographic delivery ZIP Code boundaries administered by a post office.
      b. The physical address or business location constitutes a potential carrier delivery point of service.
      c. The USPS chooses not to provide carrier delivery to the physical address or business location.
      d. The customer does not receive carrier delivery via an out-of-bounds delivery receptacle.
      5.3Additional Standards for Free Box Service
      Only one free (Group E) post office box may be obtained for each potential carrier delivery point of service. Group E customers are assigned the smallest available box that will reasonably accommodate their daily mail volume. Eligibility for Group E boxes does not extend to individual tenants, contractors, employees, or other individuals receiving or eligible to receive single-point delivery such as delivery to a hotel, college, military installation, or transient trailer park. A customer must pay the applicable fee for each additional box requested beyond the initial box obtained at the Group E fee.

  17. wendy

    the last 3 package deliveries I have had show out for delivery all day and still not delivered I called usps and still took two more days to find out it was at local post office and than had to go pick it up. I am again waiting for packages that show out for delivery and am on second day. I have to drive 12 miles to pick up my packages and am not happy that I can’t get packages delivered to my house. What can I do to get packages to get deliverd to my house again?

    • Robert

      This is becoming the norm – picking up packages at servicing USPS if they cannot be placed in your mailbox.

      Just remember that delivery to our doors (unless mailbox is on porch) is a courtesy. UNLESS you have filed a hardship case with USPS.

      Most addresses are converting to PO Boxes for this and many other reasons.

      * Keeps mail/packages safe

      NOTE: You can have ALL packages delivered to your PO Box by using “street addressing”. Just choose an USPS location that offers this service.

      Things you can try to resolve the issue…

      * Make sure your name is on/in mailbox (especially cluster boxes)

      * Fill out “ new customer card” at servicing USPS – this instructs mail carrier on what names should receive first class mail/packages at said address.

      I have used forms 4232 & the VACANT card in the past

      * Reduce your mail carriers “load” – Eliminate unwanted USPS mail

      Past resident first class mail – write “MOVED – MLNA” (moved left no address) and place in your outgoing mail.

      Examples of First class mail – presorted first class, forever/first class stamp, metered, priority, special endorsed

      Non-first class mail (yours & past residents) – the only way to stop these mailers is to contact the sender and remove e the name/address from their mailing list

      Here is a list of common USPS junk/marketing mailers with easy opt outs – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VGd4iEy9jTsDbDcTj6EGcje-CkqoIeRCowXNhY2hmtk/edit?usp=drivesdk

  18. Sharon

    I’m actually trying to reply to Robert, but there’s no link after the last repy; however, thanks Robert! You are great to help. Re the mailman though, we’ve known him for a million years it seems …. practically since 1970 when we bought the house, and I communicate with the neighbors regularly, so all he has to do is ask them if I’ve dropped dead.

    They’ve cost me precious time, money, and have forced me to waste Zazzle’s time over the missing checks … and basically, recall that they contradicted themselves. They lied to do a CYA, and if the Ohio Postmaster doesn’t correct it, they are bringing her down which I doubt she’ll allow.

    Sadly, I loved the postmaster and staff that seems to no longer be there. Oh well, it is costing me time, but saving me money since I showed my appreciation to the old crew with Chick fil A, Cheryl’s, etc. while I was out of town…

    Taking a break to get a medical letter to have mailed delivered to my door when I return (serious spine injury needing 13 hr Cleveland Clinic scary – risky surgery). When the carrier has to drive up my driveway in the snow, he’ll probably have it all returned to sender – hah.
    Excuse typos – rushing and buried ….

  19. Lori

    We moved in, we had a mailbox on our house. The Post man left a note that we need a mailbox on the street instead. We installed one. Then received another note that the mailbox needs to be across the street. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Sharon

      I am fighting a local post office who has given FOUR recorded conflicting stories as to why mail has not been delivered to my 2nd home where neighbors would collect it daily if it and checks sent were delivered – a problem for the first time since 1972 , and I am filing federal charges against them.

      Good luck.

      Does USPS have to deliver mail to your house?
      “USPS needs to deliver mail and packages to every single residential address in the country, which can get fairly time-consuming.Jan 26, 2022”

      • Robert

        Try this…USPS changes have caused issues with “long term/grandfathered in” customer addresses

        My parents long time address has been affected like yours!

        * Make sure your name is on/in mailbox (especially cluster boxes)

        * Fill out “new customer card” at serving USPS (even if not new to address). – this card instructs mail carrier on what names should receive first class mail/packages at said address. I have used forms 4232 & the green VACANT form. Include ALL name variations you receive mail in (first/last, last/first, first initial/last, nicknames, maiden, etc.). If you forget a name variation these mailers may be RTS.

        * Register with USPS informed delivery – this service emails you daily the USPS mail/packages to be delivered to said address. EACH address will need their own account and different email.

        * Eliminate any past resident mail that you are physically receiving – write “MOVED – MLNA” (moved left no address) and place in your outgoing mail.

        * Eliminate any past resident mail that is appearing in ID but you don’t physically receive it. Email the sender a removal request – Google the rerun address – normally a companies email is found in their privacy policy.

        “I am receiving past resident mail and I would like that to STOP! Please remove this individual from your USPS mailing/marketing list.”

        * Here is a list of common USPS junk/marketing mailers with easy opt outs – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VGd4iEy9jTsDbDcTj6EGcje-CkqoIeRCowXNhY2hmtk/edit?usp=drivesdk

        * Eliminate your unwanted USPS mail (aka junk mail)

        * work on having mail delivered in the same name variation – start with your credit reports (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion & Innovis)

        • Sharon

          I am printing your reply. Thank you so much Robert!

        • Sharon

          By the way, since both parents died the past 8 years, I am trying to take care of property (and with a severe spine injury myself, it is a slow process), and we never had this problem between 2 houses before. Knowing I’d have to be away a while, after forwarding expired, I paid 3 young boys next door to collect my mail daily until I return; yet, they said no mail was there. They were told my mail was being RETURNED TO SENDER.

          Knowing I should have checks from a major online design site (Zazzle), Zazzle verified checks had been sent and were not returned, so I called the local post office there. Where’s my money? (Federal offense …)…

          First, I was told I could not talk to the postmaster there since she wanted the person who answers the phone to handle the problems. Then, I was told all the following in the same conversation (which makes no sense – ‘felt as though I’d fallen into the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole ….):
          1. My mail was not returned to sender (so where are my checks?).
          2. They could not deliver to a home if the resident was not there (yet, my taxes are paid, I have lawn service, etc. … and people do go on long vacations, etc. … and I paid good money to have my mail collected DAILY if it was there ….).
          3. NO MAIL HAD COME TO ME at the post office (not true … recall the paychecks for instance…).
          4. I could pay PREMIUM FORWARDING which is something like $20.00 weekly …
          HOWEVER, why would I if they said no mail had come to the post office for me (which was a lie)?

          I have spoken to quite a few people since as I contacted everyone up to the Governor and US Attorney General, and I guarantee you, they most probably returned my mail to sender and have totally screwed up everything …

          • Robert

            Did you by chance do a temporary forwarding? These now have issues – my parents are snowbirds and they used to temp forward their mail to FL each year. Three years ago they did this like normal and it was a sh*t show.

            They now only have important mail being delivered to their main home (eliminated all unwanted mail) so if there is anything they physically need they have a neighbor mail that to them.

            They used to have the neighbor “forward” the mailer but last year they had issues with that so now the neighbor places in new envelope with new postage.

          • Robert

            To help you understand USPS’s comment – “ They could not deliver to a home if the resident was not there”.

            Mail carriers are trained to look for signs of addresses being used fraudulently and some take this to the extreme.

            They also look for signs that something medically has happen to resident – welfare check type i

            They are also trained (take it upon themselves) to Hold then RTS any mail that is left in a mailbox for over a certain time frame. The normal is check your mailbox once a week. But if you receive lots of mail this could change to every other day.

            Your mail carrier uses those weekly/monthly mailers (coupon inserts/magazines) to determine when you last checked your mailbox. They may also use the delivered paid/free newspaper in your driveway. And magazine subscriptions.

            So work on eliminating those mailers first – weekly/monthly coupon inserts like SAVE, MsPark, etc.

            SAVE – https://www.save.com/mailing/delivery-options

            MsPark – https://mspark.com/list-removal/

            Enter name as it appears on mailer (Postal -first name & Customer – last name). Phone number 555-555-5555. Email use your fake/junk email (use an old AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail account). Unsure of your old email accounts – see website truepeoplesearch.

            Val-Pak – https://www.valpak.com/coupons/show/mailinglistsuppression

            Clipper Clipper Magazine, Local Flavor, Mint magazine, REACH, Great Deals, Market magazine, Get1Free, Prestigious Living, Home & Decor Ideas, House 2 Home) – https://clippermagazine.com/mailing-list-removal/

            Vegas we have –

            Home Concepts – http://www.homeconceptsmagazine.com/contact/

            LV Gold – email removal request to [email protected]

            I have a list of opt outs for the free newspapers delivered via USPS or thrown in driveway if need be.

          • Sharon

            I’ actually trying to reply to Robert, but there’s no link after the last repy; however, thanks Robert! You are great to help. Re the mailman though, we’ve known him for a million years it seems …. practically since 1970 when we bought the house, and I communicate with the neighbors regularly, so all he has to do is ask them.

  20. Bea

    Is there any way to determine if an address can/cannot receive USPS? We get packages returned back to us for “undeliverable as address” and turns out the customer is in a rural area where post office packages needs to be sent to a PO BOX address, but the customer gave us their physical address instead.

    • Robert

      Search the address in website Melissa Data (lookups/personator) – they get their info from USPS.

      You can also search the address in USPS address lookup – https://tools.usps.com/zip-code-lookup.htm

      • Bea

        Thanks Robert! The Melissa website is very helpful.

  21. Richard Warren

    Lady at the post office said USPS would not deliver to my address as it was a rented property. Do you know if this is true?

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Richard – this doesn’t seem to be accurate. As long as you filed a change of address with USPS, they should deliver to any address you currently keep residence at. It doesn’t matter if it’s rented or owned.

    • Robert

      Search your address in the website Melissa Data – any error codes?

      Contact USPS address management to have these error codes corrected – https://postalpro.usps.com/ppro-tools/address-management-system

    • Robert

      By rented do you mean Airbnb?

      Airbnb’s don’t receive mail/packages – this helps protect the owner from having to evict someone who receives mail.

      Also, when you forward your mail everything isn’t forward (only first class). So this keeps the address from receiving past resident non-first class mail (aka junk mail). Can you imagine how many individuals stay at Airbnb’s that would be a huge amount of unwanted mail being delivered.

    • Keith

      My guess it is one of those unknown rules that most people would never consider, but something that allows property owners of short term rentals can deny because of the nature of those properties where people rent for a long weekend or vacation week.

      If it affected all rental properties to deny address changes to, then those who rent an apartment or house for the long term would never get mail at their home they rent. I’ve made numerous address changes over the past 30 years to apartments and never had a problem, my mail has always followed me.

      I would have questioned her about what specifically was the reason and find out if it was actually because it was something short term that maybe the property owner didn’t want to occur because it was merely an airbnb or similar type property.


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