How Can Someone Send an Item Back to Me?

Need something sent back to you? Here are two simple ways to make that happen!
send an item back to me
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Need to send an item back to yourself? Not to worry! Returns are a big part of eCommerce, and having someone send an item back to yourself is easy. There are a couple simple options for doing this, which we get into here.

Option 1: Create a New Label and Swap the Addresses

The first option is to simple create a new label and swap the Ship From/Ship To addresses. This is a pretty straightforward process, but will vary with your choice shipping software that you use to create labels.

Once you create the label, you can simply download it as a PDF and email it to the person who needs to send your package back to you. Most shipping software also allows you to create a share link for the label that you can send out, as well.

Option 2: Create a Return Label

The second option is our personal favorite: creating a return label. Return labels are just like regular shipping labels. The main difference is, you’ll only get charged for them when they get used. Some carriers, such as the US Postal Service, charge a small processing fee for return labels. In USPS’ case, the processing fee is $0.25.

Most shipping software allows you to create return labels right alongside your regular labels, and lots of shippers choose to include them in their packages just in case. Keep in mind that return labels will always use the same shipping service that you paid for on the original label. For example, if you shipped USPS First Class Package originally, the return label’s service will be USPS First Class Package. Also, while other carriers such as FedEx or DHL allow for international return labels, you can’t create international return labels with USPS.

Return labels eliminate the hassle of creating a brand new label each time you need to have an item sent back to you. Just chat in with your shipping software’s customer support if you have any questions about them!

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