How Do I Ship Bath Bombs?

Learn about the basics for shipping bath bombs, and how to save the most money doing it
how to ship bath bombs
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As many John Mayer fans know, bath bombs are sometimes all you need at the end of your day (please see Mayer’s ode to a Lush jelly bomb). The bath bomb business is booming, and shipping these babies out effectively can be hugely important to saving on shipping costs. That way, you can purchase high-quality ingredients and provide a better overall experience for your customers. Drain your tub and dry off so you can learn the basics here!

Bubble Down Your Packaging Routine

Many successful bath bomb shippers swear by the shrink wrap method, while others go by packing materials and boxes. It’s totally up to you, and dependent on how fragile the bath bombs are. If they’re sturdy, you should be fine with a box and packing materials, but if they’re a little flaky, shrink wrap will help you keep it together (in numerous ways).

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Put your bath bomb into a shrink wrap bag, and use a heat sealer to secure the bag.
  2. If the bath bomb is fairly sturdy, add whatever extra packaging you’d like and toss it into a bubble mailer to ship out!
  3. If the bath bomb is fragile, grab a small box and some tissue paper or other packing materials to add extra padding. Shake and ship from there (by this, we mean literally shake the package…if everything is correctly packed nice and snug, you shouldn’t hear or feel any movement inside).

Always note what the ingredients of your bath bomb are – if there’s anything that could be affected by heat or moisture, consider using thermal packaging and silica packets to counter those risks of transit.

Choose the Right Shipping Service for your Bath Bombs

Depending on the the weight of your bath bomb shipment, you’ll have a couple of different options. USPS will be the cheapest way to ship no matter what, so no sweat there. These are the two cheapest USPS services you’ll likely be faced with:

  • First Class Package Service will be great if you’re shipping out anything under a pound. Basically, if you’re shipping 1-2 bath bombs, you should be able to squeeze in under the wire to qualify for these rates. You’ll need to use your own packaging, but you’ll be saving a ton of money with this service.
  • Priority Mail Service is great for anything over a pound, so if you’re shipping out multiple products or have to use a ton of extra padding or packaging, this will be your best bet! You can also order free Priority Mail boxes or envelopes on the USPS website, and USPS will deliver them to you for no charge.

Use Online Shipping Software to Get the Most Bubble for Your Buck

Minimizing your bath bomb shipping expenses only goes so far when you’re shipping through Retail Post Office services… the real savings come in when you use online shipping software to buy postage at commercial rates. Basically, it’s the same process and services, but you’ll save a whole lot more money! What’s not to like?

The best shipping software companies out there sell USPS postage at Commercial Pricing rates, which is the deepest level of discounts that the Postal Service offers. Under Commercial Pricing levels, First Class Package postage is up to 59% cheaper than what you’d pay at the Post Office. On the other hand, USPS Priority Mail Cubic (a specially-discounted sub-service of Priority Mail) comes into play for anything over a pound, saving shippers up to 90% off what the same box would cost to ship at the Post Office. Plus, when you use shipping software to buy postage, you can skip those huge lines at the Post Office!

In any case, there are multiple benefits to checking out your shipping software options for those extra savings to boost your business.

It All Fizzles Down to This…

Every little step matters, so plan ahead! Aside from that, shake-and-ship will save you from the hassle of damaged products arriving to your customers, and shipping software will keep more money in your piggy bank (or rubber ducky). Shipping bath bombs can be pretty easy once you get the basics down, so take it slow and find your sweet spot. As always, feel free to write into us if you have any questions…we’re always here to help!

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    Wow Amazing! thanks for sharing this informational post. You can get Bath bomb containers online too. Numerous organizations offer boxes in different shapes and sizes. Thus, you can get individual boxes also for a bath bomb. Also, you can encase numerous bath bombs in a container.


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