USPS Priority Mail: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Priority Mail, USPS' most popular shipping service
USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail is the Postal Service’s most widely-used shipping service. Shippers choose this service for its quick delivery timeframes, affordable rates, and built-in insurance. Here’s everything you need to know about USPS’ most popular mail class.

USPS Priority Mail Has Four Sub-Services

The first thing you need to know about USPS Priority Mail is that it has four sub-services, each with different pricing and shipping requirements. Those sub-services are: weight-based Priority Mail, Priority Mail Cubic, Priority Mail Flat Rate, and Priority Mail Regional Rate. This guide, however, is about regular weight-based Priority Mail.

USPS Priority Mail: The Breakdown

  • Delivery occurs between 1-3 business days anywhere in the United States
  • Free door-to-door tracking included
  • Maximum weight allowed is 70 pounds
  • Maximum Length + Girth for packages is 108 inches
  • $100 of built-in USPS insurance included (with Commercial Pricing rates)
    • $50 of insurance included when you buy postage the Post Office
  • USPS offers free boxes for weight-based Priority Mail (but always make sure you pay for the service marked on USPS branded boxes)

Priority Mail Pricing Table (Commercial Pricing)

The following table is a complete pricing chart for Priority Mail as of 2019. The table reflects USPS Commercial Pricing rates, the deepest level of discounts that you can only get with online shipping software solutions. The Retail Rate for Priority Mail—what you’ll pay at the Post Office—can be up to 40% more expensive.

Priority Mail 2019 rates

If you’d like to see the full pricing chart for weight-based Priority Mail up to 70 pounds, visit USPS’ website.

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