How Do I Ship Safely From Home?

Stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic with these tips and tricks for shipping from home
How to ship safely from home
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Shipping from home is increasingly important during this time, where eCommerce business is booming and shelter-in-place is keeping us safe. If you are currently running a business, now is the time to start planning on how to limit the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on your business. If you’re just now getting started, sit back, relax, and learn how to ship safely from home without spending extra money.

Get Free Packaging Delivered to Your Door

USPS is by far the best service to use, when you’re working to ship from home at a low cost. USPS offers free packaging on their website, which they also deliver to your door at no extra cost. This way, you can ship safely from home without spending any extra time or money on supplies. Recommended soundtrack for ordering packaging: Joe Exotic’s I Saw A Tiger.

Use Shipping Software for Lower Shipping Rates

Another great way to stay home and save is using online shipping software. Not only can you avoid any extra contact with Post Office workers, but you can also access the lowest commercial rates available through USPS from the comfort of your couch. Once you buy those labels, you can print using a desktop printer and tape them to your shipments while Tiger King plays in the background.

Have Packages Picked up from Your Home

On top of creating labels from your living room, you have can USPS pick up those shipments from your front porch. Skip the trip to your Post Office and watch Carol Baskin bike around Big Cat Rescue instead, you won’t regret it. You’ll be able to schedule your pickup directly through USPS if you make an account, or through the online shipping software of your choice. Either way, you’ll be shipping those packages out safely, with minimal spending and outside contact.

You Can Ship Safely from Home without Spending Extra Money

The bottom sweatpants-wearing line is, you don’t need to jeopardize your health (or your wallet’s health) if you take advantage of the online tools at your disposal. So, stay safe at home, kick your feet up, and send those shipments out for cheap!

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  1. Nota

    How do you ship from your home without a P.O. Box. Is it safe to use your home address to ship packages

    • Rockwell Sands

      Most people use their home address to ship packages. It’s perfectly safe to use your home address as your return address on your labels.

  2. Arleen Kaizer

    I sent my grandchildren some magazies . There was a lot of ptage on them. a wwek later I received them and the paper packaging was prety tattered, The stamps were not cancelled..I now have the package (2lbs) in n enveliope. Advise please

  3. Clare

    Love your site. I want to sell bottled water. The challenge is cutting shipping cost. I am some what relieved with the info you have on your site.
    Can recommend where I can get the affordable boxes to buy and any thoughts you have. I want to try using ebay service before venturing into ecommerce site.

    • Rockwell Sands

      Thanks for writing in Clare! If you’re looking for affordable boxes, you may be able to use some of the free USPS Priority Mail boxes that they have on their website! You can order them on the USPS website here.

      Alternatively, you can check out the ULINE website for boxes of all sizes – they’ve got tons of options. From what I understand, they’re pretty affordable if you buy them in bulk!

      Hope this info helps!

  4. Maria

    I need to send several packages to Haines, Alaska. What would be the best way to do it and the most economical. What would be the optimal weight per box and where can I get the 18x18x18.

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Maria,

      Since Alaska is so far away, UPS and FedEx treat shipping to Alaska like you’re shipping to a foreign country…and both options are super expensive. The cheapest option to ship to Alaska is going to be the US Postal Service, and you should use shipping software to save the most money. It’s tough to say what your ideal weight should be to save the most is. Since you’re shipping an 18x18x18 box, I would say the heavier it is the better, or else you’ll get hit with high Dimensional Weight fees. Keep in mind that you can only send up to 70 pounds with USPS, though.

      If you’re looking for shipping software, my favorite one is You can see how much your shipment will cost if you plug in your info on their Rates page (

      Also, you may be able to find 18x18x18 boxes (or ones of similar size) on ULINE. Here’s their website:

      Hope this info helps!


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