How Long Do International Shipments Take to Arrive?

Why hasn't my international shipment arrived yet?
how long do international shipments take
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These days, it seems like international shipments are taking way longer than they should! Due to the global pandemic, we’re seeing a much higher number of delayed domestic and global shipments. So, it’s increasingly important to track and plan for how long international shipments take, and set expectations with recipients.

Changes to USPS Commitments Affect How Long International Shipments Take

It’s clear that USPS is working hard to uphold international services, though notably, USPS has suspended Priority Mail Express International guarantees and extended their Service Commitments.

Typically, Priority Mail International shipments take 6-10 business days for delivery, while First Class International shipments take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. This is, of course, in addition to any extra customs processing times in the country of origin and destination.

In times like these, you’ll need to factor in at least 1-2 extra weeks of transit time for international shipments. The reasoning here is as follows:

  • USPS uses commercial airlines to transport international packages. With the extreme drop in international travel, it’s taking way longer for shipments to make it onto planes for transport overseas
  • There are only 5 international service centers, located in New York, Miami, Chicago, and San Fransisco. All of these facilities are super backed up, given the volume of shipments currently being processed for transport
  • Delivery times in destination countries are slow, due to the effects of the Coronavirus on their own postal services. Route suspensions in a number of countries also heavily affect the ability of postal workers to deliver shipments like normal

Other Changes to Note

In some cases, USPS is actually reverting to sea transport to deliver shipments, since airlines aren’t flying to certain areas nearly as often as they normally would. This in itself extends the shipping time by weeks as well, so check to see if the country you’re shipping to is affected by this change.

In addition to extra transit time, some countries have closed their borders to international shipments to the time being. Be sure to check the USPS newsroom to keep up to date with those changes.

Pro Tip: Add insurance onto international shipments! It’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your business against losses and damage that may occur due to the global pandemic.

In Any Case…

Don’t panic! As long as you do your research, plan ahead and set expectations with customers, everything will be okay. Things happen, and in this time where things can be a bit uncertain, this guide should keep you on the straight and narrow.

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  1. David A Weber

    Tracking shows ************ sayes arrived fair size says arrived ok when do you ship to Newport WA 99156 it size none USPS but fact FedEx /UPS size paid for it’s shipped u need call back me

  2. Carlito lubite jr

    Can i ask if how long shipping package ukriane to manila phillippines?.he ship last August 29-30 2023.

  3. Nora Brodie

    Does anyone know how long an international package takes after arrival at LAX en route to Sequim, Washington?

  4. Douglas Rowland

    How long are companies going to blame the plandemic for their incompetence? It has been at least a yearsince the mandates have ended in even the most paranoid (read control freaks) areas.

  5. I sent my package from Germany to Liberia since February 24 up to now the receiver haven’t receive it yet, she has visited the office many times

  6. Marie Farrell

    I sent a package to Nigeria Since November 4 with tracking# CH173611598US. I was told that it would be delivered between 6-10 business day. The last update was 11/8 leaving international airport. How do I go about finding more detail

  7. Shammi

    I have mailed a package as priority’ mail I ternation . Paid $67 for 6-10 days delivery . It’s a month now and the tracking shows that the package is in SF international airport for transit . Last week it showed the package was at Los Angeles airport for transit . Not sure what’s going on . If the package takes that long then why I have to pay more for expedite delivery . Not fair . Is post office responsible for postage refund ? If the package is not delivered on time given by them .

    • J sheldrake

      I sent a track and sign on 12th November to new zealand still says its in transit

    • Ines Sanchez

      Same boat, paid for priority internacional express mail (6-10days). Yes the mail arrived but two months later and nobody took responsibility. Is sad

  8. helenrose evans

    I HAVE SEND OUT A PARCEL from london,ontario on may lst to Sweden, an it has not arrived, IT IS FOUR MONTHS NOW, ON TRANSIT, WHY IS THERE A DELAY ON THIS? WHAT IS GOING ON, FOR EVERY sorting station it landed on was clear for farther destintion,
    When I track it just shows me it is in transit why is it so slow in moving an being delivered.

  9. Kelly A

    I had a package shipped from Japan and it arrived in the Jersey city depot on April 26, 2022 and it has been sitting there . When can I expect my package? Who do I contact to track it down. I can’t reach anyone at the depot.

  10. Miklos Zarka

    I had a package sent with USPS #LZ618816025US. Delivery was attempted first time on the 23rd of July, and I won”t be able to be there for the second try either. This is for France – will they store the package for pick-up with some local post office? And if yes, for how long? Or is there any way to reschedule?
    Thanks for any help here

  11. Susana Ceraldesu

    my sister send me regestered mail last March 25,2022 in Tracy California,,until now not yet recieved here in the Phils,,,

  12. ira

    CH158277489US thats my tracking number

  13. ira

    i sent may parcel on march 2, 2022, the last update was on march 28th 2022 that the parcel is already in the Philippines. but that was my last update. today’s may 30, 2022. I am really worry because I don’t have any updates since then and I don’t know where my parcel at.

  14. Blanca Valenzuela

    Where is the box that I sent to Argentina? CH 161505107 US

  15. Blanca Valenzuela

    Where is the box that I sent to Argentina?

    • Bismark

      Not heard nathing about my parkage

  16. Augustine Nwankpa

    My younger brother sent me a parcel first class mail since 3/19/2022 and today is 4/26/2022. there is no update on my parcel. this is the tracking number UA463365697US. i will to know where my parcel is.

  17. Jay

    I sent a package on the 4th of December 2021 today is the 16th of March 2022 and my package still hasn’t arrived and the tracking history hasn’t been updated since January. Who know what I can do about this?

  18. Mike

    USPS sucks balls. They take forever.

  19. Khalid Hassoune

    My package from 13 /12 /2021 ch152253515us still at new York

  20. TV

    I sent a jacket to my friend in Italy on December 27th, 2021. Today is February 13th, 2022 and he still hasn’t received it. Why does it take so long with USPS. Is there a way for me to track first class international shipment?

  21. Rhonda S

    I ordered an item from Russia back in December.
    The last date shown says it left the originating Country on December 25/2021 and have had no updates since. The parcel number is: CL053136359RU. Can someone look into this for me? Thank you!

    • Igor

      Have the same issues with several packages sent from Russia in December to US. Did you use sea or air delivery?

  22. Jennifer pinell

    Hi i been tracking this item #LY937880948CN but I don’t see any updates since 1/8/2022.

  23. Patsy Prathavan

    My package left Defiance on 3/1/2022 but no updates since 9/1/2022

    How do I know where is my package now as no updates at all

    Whilst my 2nd package only took 5 days to reach LA from Chicago

    It worries me that no updates from 9//2022 sice it left Chicago sortation centre & has not reached LA yet

    Seems to be lost somewhere

    How do
    i go about checking it pls

    1st Package details below:


  24. Solomon

    RE318816115US with tracking number I sent a document past to Ethiopian east aftric 3 weeks ago how do I check it’s arrival.
    Thank you
    Very Truly Yours
    Solomon Mezegebe

    • RickyM

      Your package is available for pickup in your country visit your local post office to claim it.

  25. Ed

    I’m in panic only reading the coments😬. How can I know when my package would arrive? No updates since dicember 15th. I’m worried its not going to be on time.

  26. Cyril Smith Jr.

    Please, i am sending my religious rhymes to the kindergarten schools in the United States. I hope it will arrive safely and on time.

  27. Raghida Halabi

    I do have two packages still at the long beach in CA for the last 4 weeks.
    Tackinh number 1zvy77070315867882
    When should I get my package please. I have wedding and these are for the wedding which 8s in the next two weeks.

  28. Ramu lakku patakare

    Please waiting on a shipping package from syria since 28/82021my shipping…way bill number CC10EFCC2828

    • Kyle Amaral

      Your lucky I have a parcel in India. 3 in Russia, 4 in Vietnam all have taken 7 weeks so far and haven’t left their country of origin yet. It seems though that certain parts of China and Vietnam are only taking 2 weeks total for some reason. But yes you all will be waiting a good 2 months my friends I have ordered all these the first week of August.

  29. Armour Pounds

    Please my package was sent from USA since the July 1 up till now hast reach Ghana here is my tracking number i need to get full details CH138004132US

    • Nana

      Please did you receive the parcel??

  30. Wim Derksen

    I live in Germany and am waiting 4 weeks now for my EIP3 check which was mailed July 23 according to the IRS.

  31. Patsy

    I have been waiting for a package that has been in Memphis Tennessee International imports since July 24

  32. Thelma Eckstein

    I have been waiting for a package from here in United States to get to Nigeria I sent it of on June 8,2021 has not arrived to its destination. The place last I had was Miami, Fl on July 1, 2021to its next destination at 2:52pm fron INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER. Can you email where it is. Shipping number CH136064924US Thank you

    • Am

      I am in a similar situation, curious if you ended up getting your package??

    • Nana

      Please did you receive the parcel??

  33. Conrad Foster

    Hi: i’ve been waiting on a shipping package from china, since. 04-07-2021… my shipping#UF862611525YP

    • Emmanuel Quaye

      Hi I’ve been waiting on my shipment package from Kansas Overland Park since 02-25-22… and still not in till date my please let me know when it has arrived shipping #UA462956636US


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