Australia Fires
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Australia Fires Halt Collection and Delivery of Mail

Australia Post halts mail delivery and collection to postal codes all throughout the country as wildfires continue to wreak havoc on people and wildlife

The raging Australia fires are affecting more than just wildlife and homes. According to a statement given by the Australia Post, the fires have now halted the collection and delivery of mail and parcels all across the nation. If you’re an eCommerce seller with packages heading to Australia, you should therefore expect delays in your package reaching your customer. Conversely, if you’re an Australian seller with parcels headed out of the country, you should also expect to hang onto them for a little longer.

The Australia Fires are Affecting Both Mail and Parcels Entering and Exiting the Country

The fires are not only affecting mail delivery within Australia, but also all mailing and shipping products exiting and entering the country. The postal code areas the fires have impacted are:

2250-2263; 2323-2430; 2440; 2443; 2446; 2469; 2471; 2500-2653; 2721-2730; 2753-2795; 2848; 2900-2914; 3700-3741; 3865; 3909; 4570; 4650; 4670; 4674; 4676; 5115-5117; 5220-5223; 5232-5253; 5271-5275; 6030; 6037; 6041; 6442; 6335-6338; 6725-6770.

If you or anyone you know are located in one of these postal codes, please be safe, and note that Australia Post’s mail and collection services are officially suspended until further notice.

What You Can Do to Help

Australia is in the midst of a national emergency. At the time of publishing this article, 26 million acres have burned, 28 people have died, 2,000 homes have been destroyed, and an estimated one billion animals have lost their lives.

If you’d like to donate to help Australia through this crisis, this article lays out several great causes and organizations.

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