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Impacts on Shipments Going to Australia

Australia has blocked First Class Package International shipments from entering the country; shippers still have other options to get packages to Australian customers

As of Friday, September 3rd, Australia has temporarily stopped accepting certain shipments into its borders. This is due to COVID-19 transportation limitations on commercial flights into the country. Australia has currently locked down commercial flights to prevent further outbreak of the virus. This causes a total block for USPS First Class Package International shipments, since these packages travel on these very same commercial flights.

First Class Package International Shipments are Blocked to Australia

Right now, First Class Package International is the only international service that Australia isn’t currently accepting. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you can still use a litany of other international shipping services to get packages to your customers in the country.

Heads up: If you’ve sent a shipment to Australia with First Class Package International sometime in the past couple of weeks, the package may or may not come back to you, depending on if Australia accepted it prior to September 3rd or not.

Some Other Affordable International Services You Can Use

Just because First Class Package International is currently out of the picture for Australia doesn’t mean you can’t ship there anymore. Here are some other international services to get the job done in the meantime.

Simple Export Rate

On the shipping software Pirate Ship, you’ll find a special international service called Simple Export Rate. Simple Export Rate is hands down the cheapest service for overseas packages you’ll find anywhere. This service actually uses Asendia USA as a partner carrier, and not the US Postal Service. Asendia also doesn’t rely on commercial flights to deliver any packages in its network. Therefore, these packages will still make it to Australia just fine, since Asendia uses its own private flights to Australia.

USPS Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International is another fine option that to get shipments into Australia until this shutdown blows over. Australia is prioritizing these shipments over others (as well as Priority Mail Express International), and they will get there a tad faster than Simple Export Rate shipments might. However, this is undoubtedly the more expensive option, and these packages will probably be subject to COVID-19 related delays anyway.

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