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Midwest Residents Still Missing Mail After Polar Vortex

Residents in states affected by the Polar Vortex report missing mail and long delays even after USPS reinstates mail delivery

It seems the Polar Vortex is still causing problems. Residents in parts of the Midwest such as Chicago have reported they are still missing mail and important packages, even though USPS recently reinstated mail delivery. However, it’s not just everyday benign mail that some people are missing. A handful of Midwest residents claim they are also missing checks, bills, and other important packages. Yikes.

Why Did USPS Suspend Delivery in the Midwest in the First Place?

USPS suspended mail delivery due to the record-breaking cold weather in the Midwest from the recent Polar Vortex. During the thick of it, windchill temperatures in some parts of the Midwest fell to below -70 degrees Fahrenheit. USPS places their employees’ safety as a top priority, and they recognized the danger of walking around in those extreme weather conditions. Most individuals were supportive of USPS’ decision. However, now that the dust has settled, people are starting to get aggravated that they’re still missing their mail.

Before fingers start pointing at the Postal Service, it’s important to keep in mind how much of an impact the Polar Vortex had on the entire region. USPS wasn’t the only organization that halted operations. In fact, Midwest businesses reported a total loss of $1 billion due to weather-related closures! It even got so cold out there that Chicago resorted to setting their train tracks on fire. True story.

Are You Missing Mail?

If you’re missing any mail or packages, you’re not the only one. USPS has apologized for any inconvenience, and has urged any customers to get in touch if they are experiencing any issues. If you or anyone you know is still missing mail, be sure to report delivery issues on USPS’ website or call 1-800-ask-USPS.

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