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Postal Workers Hailed as Heroes After 2020 Election

Mail-in ballots clinch Joe Biden's election to become the 46th President of the United States; crowds cheer on postal workers during street celebrations across the country

On Saturday, November 7th, Joe Biden officially secured 284 Electoral College votes to win the 2020 Presidential Election, becoming the 46th President-elect of the United States. For days, everyone in America (and the world) watched as the outcome of the election hinged on just a few key states. Votes piled up slowly, and election workers in critical swing states saved the mail-in ballots for last. When these ballots got counted, Biden secured a dramatic lead over President Trump, ultimately overtaking him in Pennsylvania and Georgia—and thereby, winning the election. Now, after Biden’s victory, crowds have celebrated all throughout America’s streets, and have hailed postal workers as heroes.

Mail-in Ballots Turned Out to be the Key that Clinched Biden’s Election

The US Postal Service has a rough go of it the past few months. USPS has always been America’s favorite government institution. However, public opinion of them dwindled leading up to the election. President Trump (falsely) claimed that mail-in ballots were fraudulent. Reports revealed Postmaster General DeJoy to be a top-tier GOP donor. USPS shut down several mail sorting machines, and removed collection boxes from certain underutilized areas. On top of everything, USPS faces a dire financial crisis, which the American people are almost now all aware of.

All of these points contributed to a general worry of whether or not USPS could successfully deliver all of the mail-in ballots this year, expected to surge in volume due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. That said, millions of Americans still relied on the vote-by-mail process to cast their ballots…and as it turns out, mail-in ballots were what turned the entire election around for Joe Biden in the end.

We reported a few months ago that USPS was more than capable of handling all the mail-in ballots for this year’s Presidential election. Now that Biden has been elected, it appears our logic was indeed correct.

Crowds Cheered on Postal Workers During Street Celebrations Across the Country

When news of Biden’s victory broke, crowds of people poured into the streets within minutes. From Time’s Square in New York City to West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the youth of America were in celebration. During this time, postal workers were manning their scheduled routes (it was Saturday, after all). However, when the postal workers approached the crowds, people went out of their way to thank them. Some gatherers got down on their knees and bowed as the trucks rolled by. Some took selfies with USPS workers, and some letter carriers even stopped their trucks to take part in the celebrations.

While the results of the 2020 election are clear, some states, such as Arizona, are still counting ballots. However, one thing remains certain: this year, the United States Postal Service played the key role in delivering democracy…and Americans are saying “thank you.”

Want to see postal workers celebrating with the crowds this past Saturday? Check out some videos here.

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