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Submit Vote by Mail Ballots ASAP to Avoid Getting Stuck in Backlog

States turn to vote by mail only to carry out 2020 presidential election, while Postal Service faces large backlog and delivery delays

The 2020 Presidential election is around the corner, and the process is already proving to be a complicated one. Typically, voters cast their ballots at in-person polling places in their respective neighborhoods. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic still spreading at alarming rates throughout the country, more states are turning to vote by mail only for this year’s election. While this will allow more Americans opportunity to cast their votes, USPS already faces a large amount of backlog. Therefore, it’s important to mail ballots as soon as possible to ensure every vote gets counted before the deadline.

Vote by Mail is Critical to This Year’s Election

This year, in-person polling booths will be less prevalent due to the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing ordinances. Therefore, vote by mail is absolutely critical to the upcoming presidential election in November. President Trump has claimed that vote by mail incites voter fraud. The Trump campaign recently even sued Nevada in order to stop mailing in ballots within the state. However, according to numerous studies and investigations, there is no evidence that supports the President’s claims.

No matter how President Trump feels about mail-in ballots, there’s no question that all 50 states are expecting significantly more voters to cast ballots by mail in this year’s election than in prior ones.

Submitting Your Ballot Sooner Rather Than Later Will Be Your Best Opportunity to Have Your Vote Count

Right now, the Postal Service is faced with an overwhelming amount of package volume. Like all other shipping carriers, demand for online ordering and eCommerce packages have skyrocketed due to the pandemic. Postal resources are lighter than they have been in the past, which only contributes to the backlog.

On top of all of this, Postmaster Louis DeJoy recently implemented a procedure that would stop USPS workers from working overtime hours. While DeJoy’s goal here is to reduce costs by an estimated $200 million, lack of overtime hours will result in even more delayed packages and a backlog in processing centers. This, in turn, will impact letter carriers’ ability to deliver mail-in ballots in time for them to be counted.

The good news is, lawmakers in Washington are aware of the potential impact of mailing delays on this year’s election. On August 3rd, the House Oversight and Reform Committee requested Postmaster General DeJoy testify regarding delivery issues and their potential effects on the upcoming election.

Postmaster DeJoy Weighs in on Election Mail

During the Board of Governors’ meeting on August 7th, Postmaster DeJoy said the following in regards to Election Mail:

“…the Postal Service and I are fully committed to fulfilling our role in the electoral process. If public policy makers choose to utilize the mail as a part of their election system, we will do everything we can to deliver Election Mail in a timely manner consistent with our operational standards. We do ask election officials and voters to be mindful of the time that it takes for us to deliver ballots, whether it is a blank ballot going to a voter or a completed ballot going back to election officials. We have delivery standards that have been in place for many years. These standards have not changed, and despite any assertions to the contrary, we are not slowing down Election Mail or any other mail. Instead, we continue to employ a robust and proven process to ensure proper handling of all Election Mail.”

Every Vote Matters…So Make Sure to Get Yours In

In conclusion, if you want your vote to count in this year’s election, get started soon. It’s best to mail in your ballot long before Election Day (November 3rd, 2020). Every vote counts. When you mail your ballot earlier this year, you’ll ensure your vote doesn’t get lost in the USPS backlog.

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