three major carriers in response to coronavirus
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The Three Major Carriers in Response to Coronavirus

USPS, UPS, and FedEx are scrambling to implement protective measures as Covid-19 continues to spread. In response to Coronavirus, the three major carriers are working in similar ways to continue their essential services.

USPS is Approaching the Coronavirus Pandemic Head on

USPS is working with their employees to continue to deliver the mail and packages during this crisis. The Postal Service has created a leadership team dedicated to responding to Coronavirus. The team is set to protect both customers and workers while continuing service as widely as possible. USPS will also continue to follow the recommendations that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) makes during this pandemic.

In response to Coronavirus, USPS is:

  • Providing protective gear and disinfecting supplies
  • Minimizing contact between workers and customers, including the new Signature Confirmation policy
  • Carefully cleaning facilities frequently as recommended by the CDC
  • Changing leave policies, including sick leave and care for dependents
  • Mobilizing remote work
  • Informing workers about the pandemic on a daily basis
  • Modifying service commitments as necessary to continue service as widely as possible

USPS will continue its essential services to Americans in response to the widespread disease. The organization will work to safely deliver crucial supplies during this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place.

UPS is Taking Extra Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

In response to Coronavirus, UPS is working to protect workers while safely serving customers. As operations continue, UPS will track possible disruptions to keep its service as smooth as possible. The carrier will, of course, do this in line with government rules and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. To protect workers and customers, the organization has committed to:

  • Sanitize facilities and vehicles frequently
  • Educate workers on CDC recommendations
  • Increase availability of cleaning supplies for all workers
  • Start an emergency paid leave policy

UPS has stated that it will continue service wherever possible during this time. Notably, the organization is also working with health organizations to distribute medical supplies in response to Coronavirus.

FedEx is Focusing on Essential Operations During the Pandemic

FedEx is committed to accommodating the sudden increase in eCommerce accompanying the spread of Coronavirus. The carrier will continue to “support the global supply chain” while following regulations in areas of service. Here’s how FedEx is protecting workers and customers in response to Covid-19:

  • Providing information about the virus to workers
  • Deep cleaning facilities
  • Encouraging hand-washing and medical visits as necessary
  • Cancelling signature requirements
  • Changing retail operating availability
  • Suspending money-back guarantee on some services
FedEx will continue service during this national emergency as widely as possible. In addition, the FedEx Cares team is working with health organizations to distribute protective equipment to areas in need.

The Three Major Carriers Continue Essential Services in Response to Coronavirus

Though USPS, UPS, and FedEx are all responding in different ways to Coronavirus, each carrier’s mission remains the same. As the pandemic continues to unfold, all three carriers will continue to alter operations as necessary. Since social distancing and shelter-in-place have placed huge demand on shipping companies, USPS, UPS, and FedEx must continue delivering. Ultimately, however, each major carrier has committed to protecting both employees and customers as the pandemic plays out.

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