Track Your Stimulus Check
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Track Your Stimulus Check with Informed Delivery

Learn how to use the free Informed Delivery service to track when USPS will deliver your stimulus check in the mail

In the coming days, the IRS is set to delivery a third round of stimulus checks—roughly one million of them, give or take. If your check is arriving by way of the US Postal Service, you can sign up for a free service on the USPS website called Informed Delivery that allows you to track exactly when your stimulus check is coming.

First Track Your Stimulus Check with the IRS

Before you do anything, we suggest logging onto the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website. Once you click that link, the website will prompt you to enter in all your necessary information, and you’ll be able to look up the status of your check in the system. The IRS will directly deposit some checks into bank accounts, depending on how you typically conduct your tax returns  Others, on the other hand, will go out via the US Postal Service.

Sign up for Informed Delivery

If you’d like to track when USPS will deliver your check in the mail, you can sign up for the Informed Delivery service that USPS offers. It’s a useful service that automatically looks at your letters and packages, and if you want, sends you alerts any time a letter or package is out for delivery. In addition to letting you know when to expect delivery, all of the Informed Delivery alerts you receive include digitalized images of your letters and packages, and the service is totally free of charge.

Customers who sign up should note that if you opt in for Informed Delivery, it won’t just be the stimulus check that you’ll be able to track. The service applies to all letters and packages destined for your address.

Interested in learning more about before you sign up? Check out our question guide on Informed Delivery.

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  1. Kathleen M Nowicke

    I was suppose to receive a package January 27.but I did not receive ir and I did not get an informed delivery notice;

  2. Monica Wayne

    My first and second stimulus came on time where is third one at


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