shipments to Ukraine halted due to ongoing conflict in the area
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UPS and FedEx Halt Shipments to Russia and Ukraine

UPS & FedEx suspend acceptance of packages bound for Russia and Ukraine due to conflict in the area; Ukraine Post also suspends postal deliveries

Due to ongoing conflict along the Russia-Ukraine borders, UPS and FedEx have suspended shipments to both countries until further notice.

UPS and FedEx aren’t Accepting Any Shipments to Russia and Ukraine Until Further Notice

UPS and FedEx have both halted acceptance of shipments bound for Russia and Ukraine, beginning on February 24th. Both carriers have stated that suspended service to Russia and Ukraine will remain in effect until further notice.

In recent years, global conflict has led to to widespread suspension of international mail services, beginning with the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that left many countries suspending incoming shipments from USPS.

It is unclear whether or not FedEx nor UPS has suspended service to and from countries neighboring Russia and Ukraine. UPS stated that exports leaving Russia and domestic services within Russia are still operational.

Has USPS also Halted Acceptance of Packages Destined for the Area?

At the time of publishing this article, USPS has yet to formally halt acceptance for packages bound for Ukraine or Russia. However, while USPS may still accept packages bound for these locations, handing them off to Ukraine and Russia’s postal services is another story.

Ukraine Post has advised that it has suspended all international postal transit through Ukrainian territory until further notice. In Ukraine, post offices have remained closed since February 24th, and are still non-operational. Ukraine Post has also stated that operations and delivery of international parcels will resume as soon as the situation allows.

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