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USPS No Longer Offering Option to Reroute Packages

USPS discontinues package reroute service, only offers Return to Sender and Hold for Pickup instead

USPS has discontinued one of its popular intercept services: the ability to reroute packages to a different address. Previously, shippers could utilize this service on the USPS intercept page, and could reroute a package marked with an incorrect address label to the correct destination.

What Are My Other Options Other than Rerouting a Package?

Since you can no longer reroute a package to a secondary address on the USPS website, your options are more limited. Now, on the USPS intercept page, you can choose from the following two options:

  • Return to Sender
  • Hold for Pickup

When you select “Return to Sender,” USPS will stop delivery of the package, and return it back to you. When you select “Hold for Pickup,” you can request USPS to hold the package at the local Post Office that services the particular zip code where you shipped. At the time of this publication (July 2021), both options cost $15.25, plus any applicable postage due for a returned package.

Note: USPS will only offer these options if your tracking number is eligible. A tracking number is only eligible for one of the Postal Service’s two intercept services if USPS has scanned in the package, and it is currently in transit within the USPS network.

Make Sure Your Package Is Not Out for Delivery

If your package is marked as “Out for Delivery” on the USPS tracking portal, it is too late to file an intercept request. At this point, your only option is for USPS to return the package to you.

Learn more about how long Return to Sender packages take to come back to you.

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    Please return package to me: J6 V Washington Jr

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    How can redirect a parcel mailed to a wrong address?


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