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USPS Shifts Policy on Priority Mail Express Refunds for the Holidays

USPS adjusts refund policy for Priority Mail Express shipments sent between December 22-25 due to increased volume and possibility of inclement weather

USPS has adjusted its policy for Priority Mail Express Refunds during the period between December 22nd through the 25th. For any Priority Mail Express shipments sent during this time, USPS won’t offer refunds unless the delivery of the package (or the first delivery attempt) occurs more than two delivery days after it first scans the package into its network.

Why USPS Adjusts Policy for Priority Mail Express Refunds During the Holidays

According to official communication from USPS, “increased volume and weather conditions may affect the ability to transport all Priority Mail Express shipments” during the holidays—hence, the adjusted policy. The Postal Service’s competitors, UPS and FedEx, also implement similar policies around the holidays, typically requiring shippers to wait one day longer than normal before submitting a refund request for next-day shipments. However, while it adjusted its refund policy for express shipments, the Postal Service added that it “fully expects Priority Mail Express to remain one-day where available.”

Alternatives to Priority Mail Express

If you’re looking for an alternative to Priority Mail Express during this period, UPS Next Day Air is the other most-popular next-day shipping service that any of the three major carriers offer. It comes at a higher price point than Priority Mail Express, but some shippers consider it a more reliable service and are willing to stomach the cost for time-sensitive packages…especially during the holidays. Also, since UPS is a for-profit institution and not affiliated with the government, the ability to contact customer support and receive help with tracking your package or submitting a refund request is more readily available than with USPS.

When Do I Need to Ship My Package So It Arrives Before Christmas?

Whether you choose to ship with USPS or UPS, both carriers advertise holiday shipping deadlines to ship by in order for your package to arrive on or before December 25. For USPS, the cutoff for Priority Mail Express shipments is December 23rd. The cutoff day for UPS Next Day Air is one day earlier, on December 22nd.

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