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USPS Will Begin Sunday Delivery for UPS

US Postal Service to begin delivering packages on Sundays for UPS as part of organization's broader effort to expand its package business

Shipping never sleeps! USPS and UPS are teaming up to deliver UPS parcels to customers on everyone’s favorite football day: Sundays. In an effort to expand its package business and generate more revenue, USPS will begin taking on Sunday delivery for UPS (NYSE:UPS) at an undefined date in the future. This will be a welcome addition for the Postal Service, and is another step forward on the path to earning more revenue and ensuring a healthier financial future.

Sunday Delivery Will Potentially Help USPS Quite a Bit…and UPS

Opening up to delivering UPS parcels on Sundays means the Postal Service will have another entire day to earn revenue. When you think about Sunday delivery in the grand scheme of things, that extra day represents a lot of potential income. That’s 1/7 of a week. Those are a total of 52 days each year. Bringing UPS parcels into that fold during those extra days will certainly help add to USPS’ bottom line.

On the other hand, UPS also stands to gain from opening up Sundays for package delivery. UPS’ main competitor FedEx (NYSE:FDX) currently delivers on Sundays. As eCommerce continues booming, customers will expect Sunday delivery. Soon, with the help of the Postal Service, UPS will be able to meet those expectations.

Postmaster General Megan Brennan offered up a quote on the topic.

“The Postal Service continues to be a leader in Sunday package delivery, and we look forward to the prospect of expanding our relationship with [UPS] by providing this service,” Brennan said.

As for when the Sunday delivery partnership between USPS and UPS will officially commence, we’ll have to wait and see.

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