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Wix Launches Wix Shipping Powered by Shippo

Wix partners with Shippo to provide users with discounted shipping labels directly on the platform, hoping to streamline the process for eCommerce business owners

eCommerce platform Wix announced that it has partnered with Shippo to launch Wix Shipping, a shipping solution that will allow Wix users to buy discounted shipping labels directly on its platform. The partnership will theoretically grant Wix users access to Shippo’s capabilities and rates directly from the Wix Dashboard.

How Does Wix Shipping Work?

From within the Wix Dashboard, customers can buy and print shipping labels through Shippo’s software. They’ll also be able to print return labels for their orders. The partnership with Shippo will allow users to fulfill orders in the same place they manage products, inventory, and other aspects of their business. In essence, the partnership creates a more streamlined shipping process. By allowing Wix business owners to fulfill orders directly on the platform, it reduces any complexities they may have faced when previously fulfilling orders (either through running fulfillment in-house or outsourcing it through a 3PL).

Business owners on Wix will also get access to Shippo’s pre-negotiated rates, discounts with both national and regional carriers, and different options for any shipment volume.

In a press release, Andreas Lieber, Shippo’s COO, said:

“With Wix Shipping powered by Shippo, we’re able to make shipping faster, easier, and more affordable for their users. It’s also a testament to the effectiveness of our Shipping Elements offering.”

Wix is Catching Up to Shopify and Other Platforms

With the Shippo partnership offering users to buy and print labels on the Wix dashboard, Wix is finally catching up to Shopify and other leading eCommerce platforms. Shopify has long offered the ability to purchase labels from USPS and UPS at discounts, and online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay also offer similar partnerships. Prior to the partnership with Shippo, the easiest way for Wix users to fulfill their orders was to integrate their store with a compatible third-party shipping software platform.

Should I Use Wix Shipping For My Business?

Overall, the partnership is aimed at providing Wix business owners with a more efficient way to fulfill their orders by keeping the shipping process directly on the Wix platform. This will theoretically eliminate any headaches that small business owners might run into during the fulfillment process.

If you’re a Wix user based in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany, you’re eligible to start using Wix Shipping. That said, while a streamlined shipping process contained within the Wix dashboard may help save you time, it may make sense to do some more research on Shippo’s competitors before you commit. You may find cheaper rates with some of the other shipping software companies that Wix integrates with.

When running a small business, saving the most money on shipping costs can make or break your bottom line. If you’re able to lock in lower rates through a company that Wix already integrates with, it could be the difference between earning an extra dollar or two on each order. In the eCommerce game, every cent you can keep in your pocket matters.

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