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Ecwid is a cloud-based shopping cart software that easily integrates into pre-existing websites. A lot of new E-commerce startups try it out because of their free subscription plan, and the fact that they don’t need to build an entire website from scratch all over again.


Ecwid makes it easy for users to add an online store to their website. A lot of new E-commerce startups try Ecwid because of how easy it is to get started and because the free version lures them in. However, it’s important to note that the free version doesn’t include necessary features such as inventory management. In addition, it doesn’t include Facebook Shop, an Instagram store, and mobile point of sale. Even their “Venture” plan doesn’t allow for basic services like eBay integration and an abandoned cart saver. Therefore, you’ll need to spring for at least the “Business” subscription in order to build a fully functional store.

Feature Overview:

  • Set up an online store in a simple, user friendly way
    • Integrate Ecwid with Facebook, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and any other website
  • Manage and run your store with either a computer or their mobile app
  • 40+ payment options including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more
  • Browse more features


  • Three subscription plans available: Venture ($15/month), Business ($35/month), and Unlimited ($99/month)
    • Free version available with much limited features
  • Create your own mobile app for your storefront that customers can purchase from (this feature is exclusive to the “Unlimited” plan)
  • Try their demo store to see if you like it
  • 24/7 live chat support
    • Help Center and contact form also available on their website
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  1. Kaitlin

    I don’t know why it would make sense to incorporate Ecwid into a pre-existing website. Just use a paid service like Shopify or Volusion to build a website/storefront from the ground up in the first place. They’re more expensive, but those platforms are easy to build out and much more powerful.

  2. Freddie

    Ecwid is great if you already have a website and want to add a store element to it. Plus it’s pretty cheap.


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