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Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, EWorld Fulfillment is a fulfillment center that helps E-commerce businesses with warehousing, inventory management, kitting, assembly and more. Clients stay connected and monitor the backend of their business with EWorld’s cloud-based fulfillment software.


EWorld Fulfillment offers standard fulfillment services for retail, direct to consumer, and subscription boxes. They also provide crowdfunding fulfillment through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. In addition, they also offer custom packaging design and manufacturing for clients. There are no minimum storage fees or requirements, and clients only pay for what they use. Prices start at $3 per package for standard pick and pack services (under 1,800 packages). However, that number can add up fast—especially if you factor in shipping costs. Therefore, we suggest sticking with in-house fulfillment unless your business absolutely NEEDS to start outsourcing fulfillment.

Feature Overview:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack, kitting and more
  • Directly integrate their WMS into any marketplace or shopping cart such as Amazon, Shopify and more
    • If a shopping cart isn’t integrated, you can connect it with EWorld’s custom API
  • Clients receive low inventory alerts and can also manage orders in real time
  • Custom branded packaging
  • Browse more features


  • Orders are turned around in 24 hours or less
  • International shipping as fast as four business days
  • Phone and email support available on their website
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  1. Gabe M.

    Super fast turnaround for orders sent in the country and out! They’ve become a seamless “silent partner” for our business and we’ll probably keep using them as long as we keep going.


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