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Panda Postage is a USPS postage reseller and one of the first online shipping software solutions, but competitors have been surpassing them for over a decade.


What’s the nicest way to say, “Steer clear?” That’s our overall view of Panda Postage. Even though they were one of the first shipping software solutions, they have fallen drastically behind their competitors in recent years. They do offer the ability to integrate with various shopping carts and marketplaces such as eBay, Magento, Shopify and more. However, we highly suggest browsing through other software solutions if your E-commerce business is looking to access discounted postage. You can get even deeper USPS discounts like Commercial Plus Pricing with other options, as well as the ability to ship Priority Mail Cubic (the best mail class for subscription boxes). Also, their website is full of typos. That may not matter so much to you, but it’s one of our biggest pet peeves. Ever.

Feature Overview:

  • Purchase USPS postage at discounted rates
  • Crating, packaging, warehousing, and distribution services for sending large shipments
  • Package tracking
  • Browse more features


  • Calculate the price of postage with their postage calculator
  • Limited international services
    • Other software solutions also offer more comprehensive domestic services
  • Phone number and contact form available on their website

Not sure if Panda Postage is right for you?

To explore some cheaper, easier options, check our guide:

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  1. Michael

    It’s ok. I’ve used Panda Postage briefly in the past. You’ll get discounted labels, but there’s really no need to go with these guys when there’s so many better options out there.

  2. Linda R.

    I wanted to give Panda Postage a try but I couldn’t figure out how to signup. I found a customer service phone number, but it was completely disconnected/out of service when I called!? Not sure if they’re still in business…

  3. crystal

    the panda is cute but that’s about the only good thing going on over there

  4. Stasia

    Website is really outdated, pretty much every other shipping solution out there does it better.


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