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Parcel Monkey is a website that allows users to compares rates and buy postage online from a huge selection of carriers shipping to over 240 countries. Parcel Monkey also connects with Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, letting E-commerce businesses send out bulk shipments from their digital storefronts.


Parcel Monkey’s slogan is “from anywhere, to anywhere.” Their service is free to use, and it’s helpful to be able to compare different shipping carrier options quickly. However, a good amount of customers complain about slow delivery times, lost packages, and that refunds never come. That’s not good if you’re running an E-commerce business, since it’s critical that your parcels always arrive (and arrive on time!). In addition, another common complaint is that customer service isn’t very responsive or transparent. Therefore, we suggest exploring other shipping software options that offer even deeper discounts and better customer service.

Feature Overview:

  • Quickly compare real-time carrier rates side by side
  • Keep an eye on your shipments with tracking numbers that you can provide to your customers
  • Upload your CSV or connect your E-Commerce store to ship multiple packages out at once
  • Browse more features


  • Ships to over 240 countries
  • They place a donation to Hope for Children each time a parcel is dispatched
  • Live chat available for support during normal business hours
    • Note: Parcel Monkey is based in the UK, not the United States

Not sure if Parcel Monkey is right for you?

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  1. Mikaela

    Shipped 4 packages with Parcel Monkey. Two have been delivered fine, two have been hit with a lot of delays. I wouldn’t recommend, it’s pretty unreliable.

  2. Keon

    The prices are awesome but unfortunately the service is not.

  3. Casey

    OMG WORST COMPANY EVER – tried sending a package to Germany and they LOST it!! Thats not even the worst part…when I called to get a refund I just kept getting redirected and STILL HAVENT GOTTEN IT.

  4. Ricardo

    Needed to send a package to Spain. Parcel Monkey provided fast and reliable service. They listed all the different carriers and automatically selected the one with the best rate for my package. It was UPS in my case. Definitely would recommend!

  5. Alex

    Tried it out and got fast delivery on time and at the best rate possible

  6. William

    My package has been going nowhere, just sitting at their departure point for two weeks and I haven’t heard back from the support ticket I sent in!

  7. art

    I had a return to England that I used parcel monkey back in November of 2018.. just got word in AUGUST that it had been returned to their NJ office. That I had to provide a paid shipping label and 20 bucks to have it returned to me. They said there was a duty that had not been paid by recipient, but NONE of that info was available when I paid for shipping. Now they say they have no more information and no idea what happened, or how many times delivery was attempted, or how much extra fee was….nothing….nada.

    Sorry but this is just plain unacceptable, and those thinking of using PM have been warned. Oh…and forget about customer support…there is no phone number and if you send email to notice you get, you don’t get a reply just the same exact boiler plate message….the worst.

  8. Chris

    I sent this parcel on 03/06/20 Package did not leave US for a month, it
    was LOST. I did have numerous communications with them about that.
    Package was not delivered till 05/08/2020. Per service description
    “Transit time for this service is 10 to 16 business days delivery” I
    will accept couple weeks delay, but not months! Now they trying to blame
    China Virus. Will not refund my money. It’s disgrace!

  9. Francesca

    I needed to ship 3 boxes from the UK to Italy and I chose Parcel Monkey with DPD classic. Worst service ever! The boxes arrived at the recipient extremely damaged and burst, the cardboard boxes were torn and open in some places as if someone purposely tried to open them. They were crushed by heavier weights during the transport. I packed everything carefully and it was impossible the boxes opened themselves. I wish I could attach the pictures because the situation was tremendous. I am extremely dissatisfied and will never use this service again! 0 stars!!


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