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Parcel Monkey is a website that allows users to compares rates and buy postage online from a huge selection of carriers shipping to over 240 countries. Parcel Monkey also connects with Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, letting E-commerce businesses send out bulk shipments from their digital storefronts.


Parcel Monkey’s slogan is “from anywhere, to anywhere.” Their service is free to use, and it’s helpful to be able to compare different shipping carrier options quickly. However, a good amount of customers complain about slow delivery times, lost packages, and that refunds never come. That’s not good if you’re running an E-commerce business, since it’s critical that your parcels always arrive (and arrive on time!). In addition, another common complaint is that customer service isn’t very responsive or transparent. Therefore, we suggest exploring other shipping software options that offer even deeper discounts and better customer service.

Feature Overview:

  • Quickly compare real-time carrier rates side by side
  • Keep an eye on your shipments with tracking numbers that you can provide to your customers
  • Upload your CSV or connect your E-Commerce store to ship multiple packages out at once
  • Browse more features


  • Ships to over 240 countries
  • They place a donation to Hope for Children each time a parcel is dispatched
  • Live chat available for support during normal business hours
    • Note: Parcel Monkey is based in the UK, not the United States

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  1. Nick

    Used Parcel Monkey to ship a package to Hong Kong. After package appeared to be stuck, I carefully inquired and customer service kindly informed me that the package was lost and is not claimable.

  2. Gautam Arora

    Harrasment. Poor customer service.

  3. Gautam Arora

    Stay away from these monkey business. Keep your money because they will steal. Avoid at all cost

  4. Angie

    Stay clear from parcel monkey that’s all i can say.

  5. Matt

    I’ve used this service several times in last year + & twice in my dealings they’ve added questionable charges for unjustified reasons. The 1st time I proved my case & it was refunded. BUT NEVER AGAIN AFTER THIS 2ND OCCURRENCE!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE USELESS MONKEYS!! 

I recently booked a $91.29 shipment using the exact dimensions & weight of my package. The same shipment was originally quoted for $98 however at the time of my checkout Parcel Monkey informed me that an additional discount could be provided at $91.29 instead. The package shows up, all is well, no problem there, then 4 days later they hit my account for an additional $253. 

So the standard ground shipment I was quoted at $98 actually cost me $345…yeah you read that right $345!! The courier claimed the package was 30+ inches larger than it actually was & charged me an oversized fee without providing any pictures or evidence of their claim. I’ve sent a ton of pictures of the package itself that still remains unopened – including the exact dimensions that are physically printed directly on the box that was used as well as tape measurements showing what I inputted prior to shipping is 100% accurate. 

These Monkeys could care less & sent me a doctored invoice from the courier showing the incorrect dimensions with no additional proof of the couriers claim. Everything I’ve sent them contradicts the couriers claims & they continue to openly defend the couriers price gouging. These Monkeys feel justified to charge whatever they want whenever they want regardless of the facts. If charging someone 4x their original quote doesn’t throw up a red flag as doing something wrong or unethical then what does? If you’re reading this & seriously thinking about using their services please scroll down & look at the all negatives for these Parcel Clowns.

  6. KB

    this outfit is a den of thieves. After six months of shipping my package with them they charge my credit card extra amount stating my measurements were lower than what i reported. Stay away from them.

  7. David ALLEN

    This company lost FIVE out of 7 packages we shipped with them. The first one was a success, so we figured it was safe to send the other six… WRONG. Never use them.

  8. Lou Ann

    Parcelmonkey suddenly stopped including USPS rates. Every package I enter only receives a quote for United Parcel Service or Federal Express. Tried to contact customer service via online chat (no phone number) and they are not helpful at all! I have checked three days in a row and no change and no explanation why.

  9. jeff rosbrgh

    total scam. i would recommend you run far away from Parcel Monkey. I tried to use them to ship a watch and it was a complete disaster and they lost my watch. they are horrible and the worst customer service you could ever imagine. Circular logic and nothing but excuses. they are horrible. never got my watch back. total loss along with the shipping costs. they were useless.

  10. KEVIN


  11. Jad Chami

    It is unfortunate I can’t give a zero star review. this company is TRASH.
    You have been warned.

  12. claudio hoch

    Worst customer service. No knowledge of shipping process

  13. Doric

    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    Lost my parcel PM10766810
    Lost my parcel PM10766810 – even though I PAID for insurance it’s been over a month and they just say “As soon as we hear back from the courier, we will contact you immediately.” They used DHL courier shipment ref: 31385670453426. Their claims procedure STINKS!
    If they lose it, you could wait FOREVER for compensation.

  14. Spandana

    I have booked with parcel monkey to ship a package from USA to UAE. Never try this company. Your parcel will not move for days together and the customer service will not help because they dont know how to solve it. I have been complaining, but in vein. Also they cheat by saying that the weight of the parcel is more after the package is in mid way. Which is impossible because if weigh the parcel and ship it in first case. After that even though you are ready to pay, they wont take any action and the parcel will not arrive to you.

  15. Daniel Mycka

    I’d give this company 0 stars if I could. I chose one of their recommended couriers (Asendia) to deliver a package from San Francisco to Poland. When the package arrived, there was a single message that said “delivery attempt was made.” No additional info on where the package was waiting or if a re-delivery attempt would be made. By the time I asked Parcel Monkey a few days later, I was told the package was already sent back to the US. How about you vet your advertised couriers, Parcel Monkey? Maybe implement messages with info on how to go get the package? Save your money, save yourself a lot of stress and frustration. You think you are saving money? Think again.

  16. Joseph Hue

    Scam Site. Don’t use them. They stole my Insured Package. Gave me a fake tracking number and Never reimbursed me for the Shipping or my Insurance.

  17. Polina

    Sending a package has never been such a nightmare before. I chose the function of wrapping in film, but they did not, and the box came wrinkled in the corners! They lied that the recipient refused the parcel, but the parcel did not even reach its destination. They don’t want to deal with it, but shipping was expensive. I do not advise anyone and will never use their service again, I lost a lot of money.

  18. DJ

    I’ve used them many times with UPS Ground Dropoff with no issue until I started delivering big ebay packages to my clients. There were 2 cases where I would ship out the correct accurate dimensions and when the package was delivered I get an extra couple hundred dollars in charges for both shipments. I complained how the f did they come up with such an absurd calculations for the cost and their falsified documentation about the shipment sizes. After they’ve ignored all my emails and calls I called my bank since I paid with a credit card and I got my temporary credit which stays permeant after 90 days if they can’t provide any documentation since I already submitted all of my videos, pictures, receipts etc.

    Welp they managed to lie to my bank and provided them with a ton of falsified documents and I lost all my money. I refuse to accept that loss, so what I kept doing with my next few large shipments is I created several new accounts and get extremely cheap quotes for large and heavy packages ( basically I NOW did the wrong thing by actually incorrectly providing the shipping weight and sizes, if in actually I’m shipping a 40lb box sized at 100x70x30, I would put 10lbs at 50in x 20in x 10in and I bought the labels extremely cheap and all of the packages I’ve done that too have been successfully delivered with no issue.

    Therefore I recovered nearly all the money they stole from me and once the item was delivered I’d start removing all my personal info, address, and payment info and then I started closing all of the accounts I created to recover most of the money back. But now they caught me and they blocked my IP address from ever making a new account. Funny thing is I can keep using their service with a VPN or with a mobile phone not connected to the same wifi network as my home computer which defeats their ignorance.

    Alas I will have all my money recovered back HAHAHAHA, stealing the hard working money I earned is wrong and I will fight back until I get it all back!

  19. FalconK

    It looks like the rates on this site come mostly from reselling shipping labels from other companies who have good volume pricing agreements with couriers. That can get complicated fast, and reselling your labels this way is often against the volume pricing agreement too. The rates are really good, especially with how UPS, FedEx, and DHL overcharge “high margin” small businesses by sometimes 300%, but beware that if anything goes wrong your options will be really limited. I’ve used it twice, and both times the packages got there, but I wouldn’t make a habit of taking that risk.

  20. J Nestlerode

    STAY AWAY. They subcontract the shipping to a third party. I shipped an item using PM and the recipient was not home so UPS returned to sender. The sender was PM third party. I had to contact PM multiple times to get the item back from the third party AT MY EXPENSE. To make matters worse, they charged me almost 3x what they told me they would charge to return the item to me and 2x what I paid to ship the item in the first place. It’s been 1.5 months trying to get my money returned with no response other than we are looking at it. Fraud.

  21. Df

    Scam!! A YEAR LATER they charged me additional fees wo my permission claiming incorrect dimensions and weight. Their secondary carrier air city post just as crooked. Disputes filed with BBB.

  22. Ann

    Do not use them. We sent an international parcel from US to Australia more than a month ago. Which has never arrived. Sent a few messages to them they send in a automated message. There is no phone number you can contact. They are thieves who will steal your money and your package. So, please dont use them.

  23. Brady

    They can charge you %150 more one week after delivery

    I used Parcel Monkey 3 times. The first two went fine without issues. But for the last time we had worst experience. We sent a large box from PA to California. It is $109 dollar shipping cost. The box we used is a box from Wayfair package. There is official spec on the size of the box. When we received, the box was not in good shape, item inside was slightly damaged. Besides that one week after delivery, we got additional bill from their partner Air City Post (basically from Parcel Money) for $168. They said that my box is 3 inches bigger taller or wider. I sent them my box picture, official box spec to show that the box size from their measurement was incorrect. They asked me to provide measurement with the original box. I don’t have the box because they charged me two weeks after shipment and one week after delivery. I provided convincing evidence, but they don’t refund me.

    We saved a little bit of money for the first two shipments. But in the end we overpaid for their service. It is not just that, this kind of business practice of cheating customers is not just acceptable.

    I wouldn’t use them again. I would use services for services from reputable companies.

  24. Adriana


  25. Rodolphe

    No support
    Never respect the time for delivery
    Lose the boxes and you never get the refund from the insurrance

  26. Patricia

    Every time you book with them, they come to pick your stuff up 2 or 3 days late. And they come if you call them every day complaining because they do not come when you make the booking wih them. So you have to stay one week in your home waiting for them to come. And they do not care about your stuff, all the boxes came broken and the stuff demage. The biggest lost was the TV. We bought a special box and we covered the TV with bubbles, it was almost impossible to break…but not for them! they broke the TV of course. And they answer saying that they are not going to cover any damage in this stuff. Very good for this company. Let’s dont forget they lost also 2 boxes, they sent to another city and I had to wait more than one week to sent me to the another city to mine.Terrible service…TERRIBLE! I lost more money with them and with all the stuff they broke than if I were buying everything new again…

  27. Armando La Rocca

    STEER AWAY! This service is plain awful.
    – They don’t provide you a tracking number that works
    – Shipment is days late, with no notification
    – Customer service is extremely rude and totally unhelpful
    – Thanks to parcel monkey, my family will not receive their presents on time (even though the delivery was “GUARANTEED”!!)

  28. Steve David

    It looked to good to be true and it was. I have been charged extra money as apparently my parcel was bigger and weighed more than stated. Sadly Parcel Monkey can’t provide evidence and push that back onto the customer to provide and even more worrying that have quoted me 2 different parcel sizes and 6 different weights. Beware they can charge you what they like retrospectively!

    • Sheila

      Exact same happened to me, went to UPS who actually weighed and measured my box. Went home purchased from Parcel Monkey, put the label on the box using the weight and measurements UPS gave to (as I watched them do it), took back to UPS to send. A week later Parcel Monkey charged me an extra $26 because they said my measurements were not right and it weighed more….and I couldnt get a refund unless I sent in pictures. complete scam!!!

  29. Katerine

    No support whatsoever. Package arrived one week later than expected. Package was held and nobody notified neither me (sender) nor the recipient. Asked for help and update and never got any. Had to figure it out myself and the receiver on his end. Terrible! Kept requesting for updates and clarification and was always left hanging. No response. I would give it zero stars. Never again!

  30. Vince M

    First and last time I will use Parcel Monkey . I dropped off my package at Fedex on November 5, 2020 to start the process to go to EMS. It said it would take 7-10 days to get it to the destination in the Philippines. Last tracking was November 19 ,2020 arrived in London . No more tracking information after that . It’s been 30 days and now it’s December 5,2020 and still not arrived . I have written so many inquiries on issues and still no response. What kind of company is this . I would have rather just paid double with FedEx , UPS air DHL to make sure I can track my package or talk to a human being to resolve this issue . HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    • Tb

      Same happened to me except it’s been three months. They “lost” it and claim its uninsured so now I’m out of the value of the shipment! Terrible company

  31. Tb

    Parcel monkey arranged for my package to be shipped with EMS but the package was lost. They never gave me a tracking number and parcel monkey’s website tracker never updated after the drop off. I waited for three months and got little assistance from parcel monkey as I was constantly given the runaround and never properly updated in tracking. They finally told me today, three months later that they lost the package but I would not receive the value for it.

    This company is a scam and supremely disorganized. Go directly to the source to ship your items. I don’t even know if EMS ever received my shipment.

  32. John Smith

    Well, My package wasn’t even sent. I wrote a wrong address by one number and they told me to cancel it. My package was sent to the wrong address to begin with and I need delivery service to get it for me before the house owner throws my package away. Still, not even a single help reached me when my refund needed some process time. Like a lot of people, I live by the pay after each week and don’t get a lot of money to rebook it without a refund. Not even a single help like contacting a UPS store to keep it when the house owner thinks of dropping it off at their store or providing any support for me. Denied every request and doesn’t care probably until I rebook the damn thing because I am not a customer after I cancel the booking. Talking to them makes it feel like they just hate losing and pretty lazy about their response. They are just inflexible as much as their incompetence. I always hate the braindead service in the west, keep being passive all the time, and don’t care about anything. They even insult me after I am saying that “you probably didn’t really care” like it is my own fault for writing the wrong address by one number and got no intention to help rebooking customers because I am not their customer yet. What is the point of being on customer service if you can’t even send one email to a company or store in association with your company to ask for help with the customer. They know it full well with all the talk we have that if they do nothing, I will lose my package and they will get nothing out of it because I am just one in a million of customers and they can’t make an exception or help me with my package. Not gonna think about going back again.
    The Review on their own website is probably a scam since They can easily remove negative reviews from it.

  33. Vorachot Kositwiwat

    Well, My package wasn’t even get to send. I wrote a wrong address by one number and I have to cancel it. My package was send to the wrong address to begin with and i need delivery service to get it for me before the house owner throw my package away. Still, not even a single help reach me when my refund need some process time. like a lot of people, i live by the pay after each week and doesn’t get a lot of money to rebook it without a refund. Not even a single help like contact a UPS store to keep it when house owner thinking of drop it off at their store or provide any support for me. Denied every request and doesn’t care probably until I rebook the damn thing else i am not a customer. Talking to them make it feel like they just hate losing and pretty lazy about their answer too. They are just inflexible as much as their incompetency.
    The Review on their own website is probably a scam since it is their site so most company can even remove negative review from their site.

  34. Francesca

    I needed to ship 3 boxes from the UK to Italy and I chose Parcel Monkey with DPD classic. Worst service ever! The boxes arrived at the recipient extremely damaged and burst, the cardboard boxes were torn and open in some places as if someone purposely tried to open them. They were crushed by heavier weights during the transport. I packed everything carefully and it was impossible the boxes opened themselves. I wish I could attach the pictures because the situation was tremendous. I am extremely dissatisfied and will never use this service again! 0 stars!!

  35. Chris

    I sent this parcel on 03/06/20 Package did not leave US for a month, it
    was LOST. I did have numerous communications with them about that.
    Package was not delivered till 05/08/2020. Per service description
    “Transit time for this service is 10 to 16 business days delivery” I
    will accept couple weeks delay, but not months! Now they trying to blame
    China Virus. Will not refund my money. It’s disgrace!

  36. art

    I had a return to England that I used parcel monkey back in November of 2018.. just got word in AUGUST that it had been returned to their NJ office. That I had to provide a paid shipping label and 20 bucks to have it returned to me. They said there was a duty that had not been paid by recipient, but NONE of that info was available when I paid for shipping. Now they say they have no more information and no idea what happened, or how many times delivery was attempted, or how much extra fee was….nothing….nada.

    Sorry but this is just plain unacceptable, and those thinking of using PM have been warned. Oh…and forget about customer support…there is no phone number and if you send email to notice you get, you don’t get a reply just the same exact boiler plate message….the worst.

  37. William

    My package has been going nowhere, just sitting at their departure point for two weeks and I haven’t heard back from the support ticket I sent in!

  38. Alex

    Tried it out and got fast delivery on time and at the best rate possible

  39. Ricardo

    Needed to send a package to Spain. Parcel Monkey provided fast and reliable service. They listed all the different carriers and automatically selected the one with the best rate for my package. It was UPS in my case. Definitely would recommend!

  40. Casey

    OMG WORST COMPANY EVER – tried sending a package to Germany and they LOST it!! Thats not even the worst part…when I called to get a refund I just kept getting redirected and STILL HAVENT GOTTEN IT.

  41. Keon

    The prices are awesome but unfortunately the service is not.

  42. Mikaela

    Shipped 4 packages with Parcel Monkey. Two have been delivered fine, two have been hit with a lot of delays. I wouldn’t recommend, it’s pretty unreliable.


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