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Shipwire is a cloud-based software that powers fulfillment and E-commerce solutions for small businesses. Their platform is free to use and boasts hundreds of integrations across multiple channels, including eBay, Magento, Shopify and more. They are a subsidiary of Ingram Micro, an enormous global technology and supply chain company. Thanks to Ingram Micro, Shipwire’s software connects users to one of the world’s strongest global fulfillment networks.


Shipwire offers a variety of postage from the major shipping carrier options as well as several other vendors. However, a lot of customers complain about the platform’s user interface. Another common complaint is that they feel “lost in the shuffle” of a huge international corporation. Also, it’s important to note that Shipwire charges $0.01 per label on top of the actual price of postage. Their platform can be useful if you’re looking to gain access to a large global fulfillment network. However, most E-commerce businesses run an in-house fulfillment operation. Therefore, it’s not the best shipping software option for small businesses simply looking to maximize savings on postage.

Feature Overview:

  • Hundreds of marketplace integrations and fulfillment partners
  • Flexible and customizable reporting
  • Gain access to up 16.2 million square feet of storage space for global fulfillment
  • Browse more features


  • Free-to-use platform
  • Synchronize orders, inventory, and delivery information between your systems and Shipwire’s warehouse locations
  • Access to Ingram Micro’s global supply chain network
    • Over 154 fully managed locations in 45 countries
  • Resources for online support and phone support during normal business hours

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  1. Sean C.

    Don’t even bother. If you have an Amazon store, these guys will ruin your ratings because of late shipments and sometimes it’s even the wrong item. all this effort goes into getting you to sign the contract and start using them, and then you just get screwed

  2. Jeremy

    1 star!!! if I could give ZERO stars I would! system goes down all the time and when you try to get in touch with customer support, no one ever responds until days later. Stay away!!

  3. Marc

    I’m torn. On the plus side, it’s easy to integrate your online marketplaces and get your products automatically sent to their warehouses. But the negatives outweigh the cons. Their warehouses make a ton of mistakes and there’s really no accountability. That’s costed me a lot of business and reputation because the average customer thinks that every business is in charge of their own shipping, so it looks like WE keep messing up.

  4. Ankyit

    We set up a Shopify store and made an “educated” decision to go with Shipwire because we wanted to take advantage of their advertised shipping rates and fulfillment centers. What a blunder. It takes them forever to process our inventory when we sent in and even longer for them to ship it out to our customers. Our customers kept sending in support tickets to us and we didn’t really know what to tell them because it was out of our hands at that point. Plus, you get locked into a contract that makes it difficult to break away from them. You can’t just cancel your account.

  5. Katie

    I don’t ever write reviews on businesses. But if there is one review you EVER read, let it be this one: stay away. I won’t go into it. Their bad reputation speaks for itself.


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