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Storenvy is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products. Sellers can list products on the marketplace as well as build custom online stores.


Storenvy markets themselves as “the only E-commerce platform offering two great ways to sell online: a free custom online store and social marketplace.” While they do offer both choices to sellers, they aren’t the only ones—Bonanza actually provides the exact same services. In this sense, Storevny is a direct competitor to Bonanza in the sense of what it offers both buyers and sellers. Buyers can browse through millions of products from scores of businesses, and sellers can sell products in the marketplace as well as create a custom online store for free. Heads up: transaction fees still apply, and 10% of all sales from the marketplace actually go directly back to the platform. Storenvy’s platform is easy to use and get started, and getting products in their marketplace certainly doesn’t hurt. However, we think there are better all-in-one solutions out there for E-commerce businesses looking to set up a digital storefront.

Feature Overview:

  • List up to 500 products for free
  • Users can sell in the marketplace as well as create and customize an online store
    • Customize even further with HTML & CSS coding
  • Accept all major credit carts with Stripe and PayPal
  • Built in features and apps such as email marketing, order fulfillment, inventory management and more
  • Browse more features


  • No coding or technical skills required to set up a a customized online storefront
  • Storenvy takes 10% off every sale in the marketplace
    • Sellers keep 100% of all profits from sales on their custom store site (minus transaction fees)
  • Request an invite to Storenvy’s API (currently in private Beta testing)
  • Create an account to access customer support (contact form)
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  1. Steve Farmer

    Our first sale went like clockwork. I was promptly notified with all information necessary for shipping.

  2. david smith

    no problems at all

  3. Sara

    They were with me through every step of the process and helped me by answering my questions on time.

  4. casey tongue

    keep good work, thanks for all

  5. Elijah Donald W Hughes

    Love your service.

  6. Meredith Jane Cass-Antony

    Very good service!

  7. Rechel G.

    I love using storenvy’s site. It’s easy to use and easy to navigate. Great for my business.

  8. Mary G.

    I love being a part of Storenvy and I am glad I decided to sell here. It’s been fun and cheers for more years!

  9. Stace F.

    Much more fair than Etsy, much easier to use, completely smooth interface for payment and shipping, and nothing to complain about. I have a little trouble figuring out what I can and can’t add to my storefront with a free account but it’s nothing that really bothers me or hinders my business. Keep up the great work and fair terms!

  10. Stephanie T.

    Prompt and timely replies

  11. Mike A.

    My wife and I have been using Storeenvy for nearly 10year now and we love it. There are so many features to use that we haven’t even taken advantage of….yet.

  12. Ginny H.

    Love the website.

  13. Michele P.

    I love this site but I was just informed from a customer that my link is not working on tiktok or instagram I’m checking all other sites now thanks

  14. Amanda S

    I’ve been using this store for over almost 2 years now. I don’t really have a problem besides the fact that I wish the commission fee’s weren’t as high for customers

  15. Trinna O

    I enjoy using Storenvy to sell products. However, I would love it if there was an app available to quickly review my t-shirt inventory.

  16. Michelle J

    Was pleased with service. Merchandise was as expected. Delivery was a little long.

  17. Luke

    I’m literally the most code-illiterate person on the planet. That’s not an exaggeration. But Storenvy’s platform is idiot proof so even I could set up my store and get going. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to start selling online, give Storenvy a shot.

  18. Alaina T.

    Love how easy it was to set up a storefront and all the built in features it comes with! Super intuitive interface and dashboard, which goes a long way for me!

  19. Jeisa

    Storenvy is a more recognizable name, but Bonanza does it better and actually charges lower transaction fees.


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