Can I Ship Marijuana and Cannabis Products?

If you're looking to ship marijuana and cannabis products in the US, you're limited to sending hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC content
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Marijuana is a burning hot topic these days. See what we did there? In the past few years, new cannabis companies seem to be popping up every day (mostly in Canada, where marijuana has recently been declared legal). In August of 2018, Constellation Brands even went so far as to pour a $4 billion investment into Canopy Growth! That’s a whole lotta hash…I mean, cash. On a serious note, as the cannabis industry continues to mature, more and more shippers will find themselves asking if they can ship marijuana in the United States. While it might seem like an exciting opportunity, it’s time we tell you the hard truth about shipping marijuana and other cannabis products.

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Is it Legal to Ship Marijuana through USPS?

With current United States federal laws and regulations in place, it is still 100% illegal to ship marijuana through the USPS. Not only is it on the list of USPS shipping restrictions—it’s a federal offense. That means if you get caught shipping it, you’ll be hit with some pretty heavy fines and serious jail time. Therefore, Shipping School suggests you don’t even think about shipping marijuana in the United States until the laws change in the future…if they ever do.

Even if you live in a marijuana-legal state, you still can’t ship it. When it comes to our country’s mail delivery services, federal law trumps state law and all other laws of the land. That means even if you live in a legalized cannabis state, you still can’t send marijuana through the mail. Sorry, Charlie.

Can I Use UPS, FedEx, or Another Carrier?

We’re afraid the answer is still no. Federal law declares that sending marijuana is illegal across all modes of mail delivery—no matter which shipping carrier you choose. Therefore, it’s still illegal to ship marijuana through private carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

What About Other Cannabis Products like Hemp and CDB Oil?

Here’s where it gets interesting. In December 2018, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill. To make a long story short, this piece of legislation officially establishes a definition between THC and CBD and stipulates that CBD-infused products such as industrialized hemp are NOT considered controlled substances. To translate the fancy lawyer talk: industrial hemp is legal now, and you technically can ship it with USPS!

As part of the Farm Bill, shippers can send hemp-derived CBD as long as it contains a THC content of less than 0.3%, which USPS confirmed. You can read more about the Postal Service’s stance on accepting industrial hemp and other CBD products here.

Can I Send Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Internationally?

As part of the new regulations and laws, you can send cannabis products like hemp-derived CBS oil internationally as long as it contains THC content equal to or less than 0.2%. However, each country has different laws about what they allow to import…and marijuana and cannabis products don’t always make the cut, depending on the country you’re shipping to.

For more information on sending hemp-derived CBD internationally, check out our question guide: Can I Ship Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Internationally?

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  1. John Kelly

    I’m not clear, in one paragraph you say the Farm Bill made Hemp & CBD products legal, yet the end of the article says, However, it looks like CBD as a whole is still non-mailable. For now, all we can do is wait and see if this law changes in the near future. Is that because Trump has not signed the Bill?


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