USPS Priority Mail Express: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the expedited shipping service USPS Priority Mail Express
USPS priority mail express boxes
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Priority Mail Express is USPS’ overnight shipping service, and the fastest service they offer. When shipping to and from urban destinations, delivery occurs the next day. When shipping to or from rural areas, delivery occurs within 2 days. The Postal Service guarantees 1-Day or 2-Day expedited service by 3 p.m., or shippers get their money back.

USPS Priority Mail Express: The Breakdown

The Pricing Table (Commercial Pricing)

The following table is a complete pricing chart for Priority Mail Express as of 2020. The table reflects USPS Commercial Pricing rates, the deepest level of discounts that you can only get with online shipping software solutions. The Retail Rate—what you’ll pay at the Post Office—can be up to 15% more expensive.

Weight (lbs)
Up to, not over
0-150 miles
L, 1 & 2
150-300 miles
Zone 3
300-600 miles
Zone 4
600-1000 miles
Zone 5
1000-1400 miles
Zone 6
1400-1800 miles
Zone 7
Zone 8
All US Territories
Zone 9
Flat Rate Envelope$22.75$22.75$22.75$22.75$22.75$22.75$22.75$22.75
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$22.95$22.95$22.95$22.95$22.95$22.95$22.95$22.95
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$23.25$23.25$23.25$23.25$23.25$23.25$23.25$23.25

Note that you’ll always save the most money on Priority Mail Express shipments if your item can fit in any of the three flat rate envelope types that USPS offers. If you’d like to see the full pricing chart for packages weighing up to 70 pounds, visit USPS’ website.

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