What Do I Do if My Package Arrived With Missing Contents?

Learn the best course of action to take when a package arrives with some of the items missing
Package arrived with Missing Contents

Sometimes, you may receive a package that arrives with missing contents. It’s a rare situation, but it does happen! Here’s what to do when it does.

Contact Your Sender as Soon as Possible

First thing’s first: before you do anything, you’ll want to contact your sender. By letting them know, they may be able to send a replacement to you, or begin to claim any shipping insurance purchased along with the label. In our experience, most eCommerce businesses are fairly amenable to their customers receiving any parcels that aren’t up to snuff, and will work to rectify any missing contents as quickly as possible.

Don’t Send Back or Throw Away a Package that Arrived with Missing Contents

This is the big one to remember! Even though you may be inclined to do so, the most important thing is to not throw away the package, or begin the return process. You’ll want to keep it on hand, since most insurance companies require packages to remain at their intended destination throughout the claim process. If you attempt to send anything back and the package leaves its destination, any insurance may be rendered null and void.

Take Plenty of Photos

If you can, you should also take as many pictures as possible once you open your box or envelope. If your sender purchased insurance and needs to claim it, they will also need photo evidence of the way the package arrived with the missing contents. This kind of photo evidence is required by most shipping insurance companies in order for claims to be valid.

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