What Do I Do if USPS Lost My Package?

Learn the steps to take if you believe your USPS package has been lost
USPS lost my package

Worried that USPS lost your package? Unfortunately, with millions of letters and packages entering the mail stream every day, these things do happen. Fortunately, there are steps you can take. Here’s what to do if your package has been lost, is late, or has gone missing.

File a Missing Mail Search Request

First thing’s first: you’ll want to submit a missing mail search request with USPS once 7 days have passed from the day of shipping. It’s not guaranteed to work, of course, but USPS recovers a good portion of the parcels that people submit search requests for! If and when USPS finds your package, it will be rerouted either back to you or to the intended destination.

Before submitting your request, USPS will need you to gather the following pieces of information:

  • Sender’s mailing address
  • Recipient’s mailing address
  • The size and type of box or envelope you used
  • Specific identifying information such as your USPS tracking number, the shipping date, or a picture of your shipping label
  • Description of the contents, such as what it is, and the brand, model, color or size (if applicable)
  • Pictures that could help USPS recognize your item

Find Out if Your Lost Package is Eligible for an Insurance Claim

If you shipped your package with any Priority Mail service, you can move forward with filing a USPS insurance claim once 15 days have passed from the ship date. If your shipment was Priority Mail Express, you may be even be eligible for a full refund!

On the other hand, if you protected yourself with additional shipping insurance, you can go ahead and file a claim with your shipping software.

Pro Tip: International packages are a bit of a different story. Most third-party shipping insurance companies won’t file a claim for a missing international package until 40 days after the shipping date.


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  1. Philip

    Missing package said it was at my front door I was home at that time and nothing was there 350.00 gpu grow legs and ran away in a sec

  2. Richard Itrich

    Two packages are missing this week

  3. Harlan

    Go on the usps.com website and file a missing mail form. It’s unfortunate they have so many of these lack of funding and organizational problems now. And COVID19 exacerbated these. Feel your pain. Ours (value 200 USD) missing since shipped from Europe on 10/15/2020! NOTHING. No help – USPS.

  4. Eman

    My package cost me 400$ and 108$ for shipping and it’s missing since 03/16/2020 I need help please

  5. Eman

    The costumer service number for international package one body answer it’s a machine and 4 months I didn’t get any answer


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