What Do I Do if USPS Lost My Package?

Learn the steps to take if you believe your USPS package has been lost
USPS lost my package
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Worried that USPS lost your package? Unfortunately, with millions of letters and packages entering the mail stream every day, these things do happen. Fortunately, there are steps you can take. Here’s what to do if your package has been lost, is late, or has gone missing.

File a Missing Mail Search Request

First thing’s first: you’ll want to submit a missing mail search request with USPS once 7 days have passed from the day of shipping. It’s not guaranteed to work, of course, but USPS recovers a good portion of the parcels that people submit search requests for! If and when USPS finds your package, it will be rerouted either back to you or to the intended destination.

Before submitting your request, USPS will need you to gather the following pieces of information:

  • Sender’s mailing address
  • Recipient’s mailing address
  • The size and type of box or envelope you used
  • Specific identifying information such as your USPS tracking number, the shipping date, or a picture of your shipping label
  • Description of the contents, such as what it is, and the brand, model, color or size (if applicable)
  • Pictures that could help USPS recognize your item

Find Out if Your Lost Package is Eligible for an Insurance Claim

If you shipped your package with any Priority Mail service, you can move forward with filing a USPS insurance claim once 15 days have passed from the ship date. If your shipment was Priority Mail Express, you may be even be eligible for a full refund!

On the other hand, if you protected yourself with additional shipping insurance, you can go ahead and file a claim with your shipping software.

Pro Tip: International packages are a bit of a different story. Most third-party shipping insurance companies won’t file a claim for a missing international package until 40 days after the shipping date.

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  1. SAM

    Always remember, the usps is immune from any prosecution or responsibility for any mistakes they make. No lost package responsibility. If you get hit by a mail truck, the usps is immune from prosecution.

  2. dude

    Postal workers will lie to cover their ass. I am missing a package dropped off at the “holiday Hub”…..since November 30th. You know what I found out? No one gives a damn.

    • SAM

      They truly don’t care. They recommended I use a different shipping service to mail packages. Absolutely taking that recommendation!

  3. Angry Costumer

    USPS is the worst service to send international is been more than a month and they do not deliver the package. Never use this service internationally, you are going to lose your money!!

    • CARMEN

      No only international, national is worse!

  4. Larry Spencer

    This just occurred during the Christmas holiday. Our usual mail carrier was on vacation during this time. She will either ring my doorbell, or leave packages in my garage if open. I had purchased two vinyl records from Ebay. Per USPS tracking, both items showed delivering on the 27th. The notes stated they were given to an individual at my residence. I was at home on vacation during this time, and none of this is true!

    • Tiarra Patterson Mayfield

      Missing my mail I’m missing my check coming in the middle 1818 Laguna Street in Concord California I’m missing a check for the delivery on the 14th

  5. Mercedes tabera

    I have been waiting 18 days for an envelope that has my passport inside. The envelope is looping between OpaLocka and Atlanta, Ga. Several phone calls and cases opened/reopened and nothing. I have a picture of my envelope and has the correct delivery to address. I had a trip and could not flight because of this. I could not recovered the cost for vacation package paid 3000, because I wait till last min with hope that envelope will be delivered either to me or the sender who happens to be the Switzerland embassy.

  6. Sheri

    I ordered a mattress from Amazon for my daughter to take to college. I happened to be looking out the window when the mail lady came by. At that same moment I was notified by Alexa that the mattress had been delivered and also received a notification on my Amazon app that the mattress was IN my mailbox. The mail lady never got out of her little truck so I know she did not deliver what should have been a large box but I still went outside and looked around. Amazon says they don’t have a way to track it and I should wait 5 more days. USPS can’t track it. Guess my daughter will leave for school tomorrow without a bed.

  7. Shawn A Lambe

    Tracking showed “out for delivery” depending on which trackign service I used, at 2:34pm it said “Delivery failed” – no signature was needed, it was traveling with 3 other small packages which all arrived adn there was plenty of room in the mailbox for small box, if not postal person has left at mailbox or on doorstep, instead she listed it as “Delivered to a Vender for Delivcery” yet no one can Identify the “Vender” it was left with. I file a claim which is ignored for weeks, I stop by th ePost Office as status says “Pick Up” and yet…. Nothing is there. I left not eto teh mail person and got no answer. Vender sill not refund money since staus on their end says “delivered” they don’t care that it was “Delivered to a Vender”, just delivered. It was not insured, so I am just out of luck? The USPS Sucks.

  8. Cruz contreras

    Ese correo no sirve no es buen servicio yo mande un telefono para acapulco guerrero mexico ase 90 dias y aun no a llegado y Heido 2 veses y no medan information del Paquette y ami seme perdio el trucking number y no me lo quieren dar el correo esta en Gladstone Oregon nunca vallan a mandar nada por ese correo ..

  9. Julio Blanco

    I bought an item on amazon for $453 and on the tracking history shows the package arrived to the distribution center on August 30 , 2021 at 7:52am and to day is 09/11/2021 so 12 days later the package hasen’t been delivered to me yet , for the last 12 days everytime I check the USPS tracking , the system shows ” The item is currently in transit to the destination ” but never arrived .I went to the post office where the package was supposed to be and they told me that I was correct , the package arrived on that date but unfortunately they don’t know where it’s and they don’t have an asnwer for me , simple as that and to go ahead and file a claim . Any advise ?

    • William

      Package was lost. Happened to me. I suspect it was stolen by an employee. It’ll never be found. It will NEVER reach it’s destination and they will NEVER have an answer or explanation other than “mail gets lost”. Bad enough when porch piracy is absolutely rampant with all delivery systems or carriers after delivery. Very troubling to know that it isn’t safe within the USPS system before delivery.

      • Angela

        I lost my box with 25 books and class’s notes in March 2022. I had 7 box sent from Claremont post office to Dallas, Oregon, 6 arrived and one was missing until an envelope of with a piece of the tracking number and the price tag from the box inside the envelope. It was like someone did it in purpose. Lesson learn it is not safe sending boxes of books or anything with USPS.

  10. P.Villa

    Got email package out for delivery waited for mailman told me had nothing coming showed her e mail checked and told me to wait she was gonna backtrack look for it came back said lady where they deliver my mail constantly said she didnt get it keeps happening put complains couple of times but makes no difference they still get paid

    • Since the frog Julypackage stuck in the postal to Trinidad

      Feel that the packages was stolen . It’s a long time

  11. Philip

    Missing package said it was at my front door I was home at that time and nothing was there 350.00 gpu grow legs and ran away in a sec

  12. Richard Itrich

    Two packages are missing this week

  13. Harlan

    Go on the usps.com website and file a missing mail form. It’s unfortunate they have so many of these lack of funding and organizational problems now. And COVID19 exacerbated these. Feel your pain. Ours (value 200 USD) missing since shipped from Europe on 10/15/2020! NOTHING. No help – USPS.

    • Fai Blandine Fetele

      My package cost me 400$ and 108$ for shipping and it’s missing since 06/04/2021 I need help please

  14. Eman

    My package cost me 400$ and 108$ for shipping and it’s missing since 03/16/2020 I need help please

  15. Eman

    The costumer service number for international package one body answer it’s a machine and 4 months I didn’t get any answer


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