What Do I Do if USPS Missed My Pickup?

Learn the steps to take if USPS misses your free package pickup
USPS missed my pickup

If USPS missed your pickup, don’t fret! Sometimes these things happen. Fortunately, you can always drop your packages off at the Post Office in the meantime. However, if you’d like to get down to the bottom of why your pickups keep getting missed, here’s what you can do.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Then try again! The best thing to do if USPS misses your pickup is to schedule another one for the next business day. More often than not, your letter carrier missing a pickup is typically a one-time fluke. We find that scheduling a second pickup usually takes care of the issue.

If USPS Misses the Pickup Again, Talk to Your Local Post Office

While scheduling a second pickup typically solves the problem, it’s not always the case. If USPS misses your pickup again, then the best thing to do is visit your local Post Office. Once there, ask to talk to the Postmaster. USPS handles pickups locally, so that’s the only way to find out why your letter carrier keeps missing your pickup.

Here’s how this whole pickup thing works. Every morning, your local Post Office gets a list of pickup requests for your area that day. Your designated letter carrier is supposed to then look at that list and remember to knock on your provided pickup location when they deliver your mail. As a result, they typically pickup your packages the same time they drop off your mail. However, sometimes letter carriers simply forget, or they are so overworked that they can’t make it happen.


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  1. Ron

    USPS did not pick up my packages that I had arranged via the site the night before. The carrier confirmed that the packages were pickup up, but that was false. Somebody is getting lazy and lying about pickup up the packages t cover their butt.

  2. Mike

    To all you subscribed to this thread about USPS missing pickups – I hope this information helps you:

    I talked to my mail carriers – some don’t read the pickup sheets and just leave. Other times it is too late to pickup and they don’t want to leave the packages in the trucks over night – BUT they don’t tell you this. I had to flag them down to talk to them. To make sure they don’t miss any pickups – I put a laminated card in my mailbox – when they open it to put in the mail – they see “Check Pickup Sheet, Packages are by front door” – hope this helps

  3. Bev Perdew

    had a pickup confirmed for today. MMailman left the area and I waited at home all day for him to pick this up!!!

  4. Margie Chappell

    USPS consistently doesn’t pickup my packages i scheduled for pickup. I sell things on Marketplace and due to this consistent issue, it caused my seller rating to drop one star. I have a fractured back and am not able to take it to a drop box. I’ve already say d something about this, but it falls on n deaf ears. Also, I’m always getting my neighbors mail and they’ll get mine. I live in an apartment can molecules, so out mailbox is small. I don’t know what else to do

  5. Rene Cerney

    I scheduled a pickup. They came and delivered a package but left my item needing to be shipped that day. Urgh!

  6. Erika

    I just spent over $100 on postage for packages. It said they must be mailed within 3 days. I picked a day at the end of that range to schedule the pickup, but because they weren’t Priority packages, free pickup wasn’t an option and I had to pay another $25 for a specific time pickup.

    The packages were by my door, in the same place my last pickup was successfully completed. But this time they were not picked up, not on time and not any time during that day. Now the window in which I’m allowed to ship these packages has ended.

    I know the 3-day window is not always enforced, and I still may be able to send them tomorrow or sometime later, but since this is a holiday weekend I’m not sure it’ll be any time soon. I don’t know if the hundred-plus dollars of postage I spent is just wasted now.

    Do not trust pickups. Not even if you paid extra for them.

  7. Mike H

    So I have a issue myself that has been going on past few months when scheduling a postal pick up. This ties in with USPS postal hub @ Pershing Blvd in NLR, Arkansas. I will get a confirmation number from the website, but no confirmation email that the request went through. Day of pick up comes, and no pick up happens. I even leave a note on my mail box stating I scheduled a pick up request. The note gets ignored if its not the regular mail man who usually handles our route. I suspect that the schedule a pick up service has basically been dismantled in all but name only as of this year.

    I actually have the direct number to the local USPS that handled our location, but in a similar twist of fate, it seems like there are new workers there, that strive to be unhelpful, and when I call to try to get help, all I get is “I cant do this” I cant do that” or the all time favorite of “the supervisor is in a meeting”. They never offer to take your name or number to pass on to the supervisor. Simply nothing. Its gotten old. They used to be a lot better then this. I get that Dejoy has done a lot of damage to USPS, but, normal workers cant blame him for them opting to provide poor customer service on a simple phone call.

  8. RetroGameBoyz.COM

    Watch USPS did – this is completely unacceptable, but yet nothing can be done about it.

    She contacted her supervisor to cover her butt, so she could skip the pickup.


    So this answers your questions – such as

    “where is my package? it has been marked as shipped for 2-3 days now but there aren’t any tracking updates”

    Dialogue – supervisor: “no we’ll pick it up tomorrow”

    Carrier: “he’s going to be mad, he’s going to be calling complaining”

    So I left a note:


    You were right – I was mad after I witnessed you call your supervisor to cover your butt and NOT pickup my scheduled pickup. NOR did you drop off my regular mail. What you did was unacceptable – you at least could have knocked on the door or left a note to let us know why as a common courtesy.

    Please put all mail in mailbox from now on.

    “He’s going to be mad, he’s going to be calling complaining” you said.

    I didn’t call to complain I took it a bit further.

  9. unnamed

    Here’s another to failed package pick up. I waited all day and then realized late in the evening that I never got a knock or doorbell ring. Which I specifically marked to knock/ring doorbell. I’m not leaving to chance to make another request just to not have it picked up again when this many people also didn’t get their packages picked up and it’s this year!

  10. Jama

    Trying for a third day. New address, but have spoke to post office twice, as they do not want to drop off packages if do not fit in box. I lived in this sub postoffice area before, twice, and always have severe problems with this post office! I am disabled, do not drive, and they always want people to go tobthe other side of town to pick up mail. Hopefully this will change quickly!

  11. Gary

    When our regular carrier has a day off about half the time the substitute will not pick up my packages. What can I do? It happens all the time.

  12. Kay

    No one show up to pick up my packages. Called the post office 5 time . No answer.

  13. Janice Rodic

    I got my mail today but my scheduled pick up is still on the porch. What is going on with the Post Office.

  14. Lisa

    I’m sorry that so many people have had bad experiences with this but I do feel some comfort that others understand.

    It’s so maddening to request a service and get a confirmation and then my very important package is still waiting at my front door and has not been picked up. I understand that there are a lot of issues at play, I just want transparency from USPS— just give a disclaimer that scheduling a pickup doesn’t mean there will necessarily be a pickup. If I’d realized this was the case I’d have walked my package the mile to the post office and saved myself a whole day of anxiously waiting and wondering when I could have been enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

    Can you tell that I’m frustrated and feeling sorry for myself, cuz I totally am. Thanks for reading my rant.

  15. Barbara

    I seen like USPS pick up request is down a lot a hope they can get it working soon again. I have a candle shop on Etsy they have a pick up request there too but I’m getting a 500 error code there now. I always had something to fall back on but I guess not anymore. I guess I’ll just put some candles in the mailbox put the flag up and hope for the best, what a way to run a business huh ?

  16. Lynne Carter

    The USPS needs to go out of business. Every time I schedule a pick of a package, they fail to show. The are totally unreliable. Delays to my business operation bother me even if they are not concerned about their (USPS) image.

    • Susan Darlene Neal

      Could you possibly wait for your Postman to appear? If I don’t have my pick up tomorrow it is exactly what I am going to do. There is always a great possibility that the package will be stolen by leaving it unattended while waiting for your your pick up. Doesn’t anyone have pride and take responsibility any longer?

  17. Skye

    My mailman has ignored scheduled pickups 3 days in a row now. I have ebay customers furious and threatening me with a negative. Thank you usps

  18. Mariah Johnson

    Was suppose to pick up and return a package to Q V C Saturday July 31 around Noon ,was all set up no one show ,7943 Stovall Ct. Louisville Ky 40228 , sitting at front door ? couldn’t leave to heavy for me to move back in .Mariah Johnson

  19. RetroGameBoyzDOTCOM

    This is happening way too often here in FL. I schedule, I get the confirmation and I watch the USPS carrier drive on by –

  20. Barbara Olszyna

    Package pickup was scheduled for today but didn’t get picked up. Rec’d confirmation email package pickup was successful. Really! I personally had to drop the packages off myself at the Parkway Pak n Ship. After reading these comments I can see I’m not the only one. What poor service. Very disappointed!!

  21. Missy

    Package pickup was scheduled for yesterday but didn’t get picked up. Rec’d confirmation email package pickup was successful. Huh?! Looking at the package right now. After reading these comments I can see it’s pointless to complain. Good thing the box isn’t to heavy or I don’t know what I would do. Had to take it and drop off myself. What poor service.

  22. Preston Beier

    If I schedule a pickup for the next day do I need to print new labels and refund the old ones??? All of the people who bought stuff from me already have their tracking numbers, and to have to message everyone and give them new numbers is such a hassle. If they didn’t pick the package up like I scheduled(!!) then I feel like I shouldn’t have to make new labels, especially since the refund process takes FOREVER

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Preston – No, you don’t need to refund your labels if you need to reschedule a pickup. USPS provides a 2-3 leeway on the ship date of you labels usually, so as long as you get your packages to USPS within that timeframe, you’re good to go.

  23. Linda

    I have scheduled a pickup 3 times in a row and still it has not been pickup. And you can forget talking to anyone at the post office and calling is worse no one answers. Really is the pits what happen to come rain or snow etc.

  24. Martha

    I’m trying to get a package picked up. Pick up was supposed to be yesterday. This morning I got an email saying they had completed the pick up, but my package is still waiting. And my post office just hangs up after ringing about 20 times. How do I get a package picked up, and why would they lie about having picked it up?

    • Jennifer

      Same exact thing happen to me. The last two days my packages have been sitting on my porch and no one has picked them up! Actually they say that they have been on their part and I’m currently looking at it. Looks as though I will be making a visit to the office. This is ridiculous seeing since they don’t do their job I won’t be getting paid for mine due to their laziness and me trusting that if they “forget” the first time scheduling a second pickup usually helps the situation. That’s the answer I received and they are wrong. Day two no pickup!!

    • Jason Reynolds

      They always lie about picking up the packages. More often than not they always cancel my scheduled pickups on Mondays I don’t know why they like to cancel my pickups on Mondays but they do it more often than not. I think it’s because they don’t pick up packages on Sunday therefore everybody has twice as many packages on Mondays but since this is an ongoing problem it has to be a known issue however they obviously don’t give a s*** because if they did they would be hiring more drivers to be working on Mondays. I know that this is a problem on Monday because they are constantly canceling my pickups on Mondays and lying about it on the email saying that it was a successful pickup however today is Saturday and I had scheduled pick up for today and they again lied to me on the email at 12:38 p.m. saying that it was a successful pickup however the damn post office closes at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday and so I don’t even have any recourse to call anybody whatsoever to even make a complaint because they conveniently sent the lying email to me 38 minutes after closing…. The f***** up part is I’m going out of town tomorrow and not coming back till Thursday and these packages are business related and need to go out today promises were made by me to my customers and that is because promises were made to me by the post office. My packages are prepaid labels so they have already been paid for in full and that payment includes the optional pickup service if you want to use it. However this pickup service is highly unreliable and the people running it are lying assholes. If tracking info doesn’t pick up on my packages within 3 days of me printing the label then the customer has the option of canceling the order on me…. This is ridiculous and it is a post office’s fault if these orders get canceled on me and I will hold them responsible for it because the service has been paid for in advance and the pickup was scheduled in advance the confirmation was sent that the pickup would happen and then lies were told about it happening… This happened so often that it’s quite ridiculous and makes me want to throat punch the damn postman

  25. Tom

    After the new mail carrier didn’t take the package I requested for pickup, I politely asked if they could, they told me “I already went up the steps”. Stunned silence. I guess I’ll be taking returns to the post office now.

  26. Kfib

    This response is completely unhelpful and ignores the basic issue. If USPS doesn’t do their job then the answer should not be the customer has to do more work. What should be provided is the number of who we can contact, etc. must be nice to work for USPS and not have to worry about being fired if you can’t do your job….

    • Christine Smith

      Completely agree!! I schedule package pickups all the time and about a quarter of the time when I get home from work my package is still sitting in my mailbox. Maybe if my letter carrier would get off of her cell phone she could do her job! Every time I have been working from home I literally see her come up on my front porch and EVERY TIME she has ear buds in and is talking to someone on her phone.

  27. Jack

    This post was probably written by some usps people. They don’t ever pick up any packages cuz they are lazy as fuck

  28. Aerin

    This is a recurring problem for me. I’m not a large-volume shipper, but lately I’ve been requesting a couple of package pickups each week. I specify exactly where they will be, and they are in plain sight. They ‘ve been missed about half the time over the past 3 or 4 months. It’s impossible to get through to the local PO by phone. I’ve called the 800 number four times and been told that someone from the local PO will reach out to me, but they never have. This time, they’ve escalated it to the District level, but I still haven’t heard back yet. So infuriating!

  29. Diann

    Saying mail carriers DONT pick up package requests because they are busy is BS. They should have to do their jobs like the rest of us but they dont

  30. HexByEvi

    USPS Has failed to pick up my packages which were scheduled for pickup on a MONDAY. It is now Thursday and everyday they have just ignored my packages and not even delivered my mail. I have rescheduled pick up every single day following the missed pickup and still…nothing

  31. Gene Persons

    Your advice is not good. You need to revise some of your answers.


    something has gone wrong with post office services the care usually given to requests for mail pick up of mail and schedules mean nothing even though you receive notification that packages will be picked up at mail delivery time The mail is delivered and the request for package delivery ignored. Are carriers given enough notice to pick up packages or is post office lax in this area.

  33. Scott Troutman

    It’s almost 5:30 PM on Tuesday after MLK day and I still have not gotten my mail. Is there a reason for this?

  34. Carol Burress

    Scheduled packages to be picked up today. Got a confirmation text but my packages are still sitting on my porch. Recently had shoulder surgery so can’t carry them to the post office. Are they still coming? If I have to wait until Monday, I have to drag them back inside my apartment. Please respond to the email shown. Thank you

  35. Gabrielle

    I called the station, even took a moment to compliment our mail man, whi normally is a very caring, concerned mail man. However, with a back injury & several nice calls to thePO, I’ve moved 24 heavy boxes in& out 3 times now. Very pissed. I’ve been beyond patient. Ot feels like a middle finger is all I’m getting from the post office. IF I could take them myself I would have. No one seems to care at the post office of late. I’d think between the virus & OT they’d want minimal people at the post office but they’re behind glass so maybe they don’t care after all- sad to say it feels that way.

  36. Trice

    I’m so irritated. This is the second time I scheduled a pickup and these lazy mail people deliver the mail, but have left the stacks of packages that were clearly left on the porch for them to pickup. I’m so pissed!!!! Complaints don’t help. I don’t have the time to go to the post office while working from home, otherwise I wouldn’t schedule the pickup!

  37. chris

    Scheduled an item pickup for an eBay item I sold and specifically made a note thru the USPS site where the pkg was going to be. I came home tonight only to find that NOBODY PICKED IT UP AND NOW THE BUYER IS ASKING FOR A REFUND. WHAT THE #@$% ???

  38. JR

    Scheduled pickups used to work well but have become totally unreliable the last few months, we have a pickup scheduled every day Mon – Sat and we’re lucky if they pick up one day a week. Now they are falsifying scans and claiming the pickups have been completed even when they aren’t. This is just more evidence of the terrible management decisions made by the new Postmaster which are having a ripple effect causing service declines across the country.

  39. Cissy

    What to do when ur a home based business and the post office keeps NOT picking up scheduled pickups..
    1) i schedule online 2) several times a week they miss my pick up 3) some are always priority. 4) i have filled 4 complaints online 5) I contacted the postmaster 6) i spoke with asst postmaster 7) i contacted office of post master general of my state, no turn call. 8) 2 days they just didnt pickup saying it got to dark and they had to come back to the office.. so me and an entire neighborhood got no mail that day! I am getting nowhere. And before anyone asks..i call to see if the driver is still coming and they always say yes each time i call…they push me off till 5 with a yes and then after 5 they dont pick up… also i have been informed that when the postmaster is out they put the pothole on “ghost”… so let me get this straight. An entire agency cant operate and answer the phone unless the great OZ is there,.. now…i buy a priority ship ticket online…when they do not pick this up I believe this is A BREACH OF CONTRACT! AND THEY ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD WITH MY CLIENTS! WHO ELSE CAN I CONTACT!

    • Rockwell Sands

      Cissy, I’m so sorry you’re experiencing such a headache with pickups! As far as I know, the only thing to do is to walk into your local Post Office and see if you can resolve the issue with the postmaster there (which you’ve already done, it seems). If you’re still running into issues, I would suggest just dropping your boxes off at the Post Office at that point. That’s what I always do anyway – it’s worth it to know your boxes are getting scanned in.

    • Debra King

      I’m having the same issue. They deliver mail but don’t pick up my scheduled pick up.
      I’ve recently moved to an apartment and I am handicapped so sometimes I am unable to make it to the post office. What do I do? I’ve called and requested and it doesn’t do anything.
      USPS advertises free next business day carrier pick up but it doesn’t read only sometimes! What kind of business practice is that? Maybe Trump was right!

  40. Dani

    Hello, my business revenues almost $200K on USPS Shipping labels (Year to Date). We don’t know who we can contact to try and get an account manager and daily picks for our packages which range from 600-800 a day. We are using Stamps.com to schedule picks, however, our local PO doesn’t have “large” trucks so they are unable to pick up all the packages we have ready to go that day or they simply don’t show up. Is there anyway to get a contract of some sort with the PO so that we don’t continue to delay the delivery of my customers orders?


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