What Do I Do if USPS Missed My Pickup?

Learn the steps to take if USPS misses your free package pickup
USPS missed my pickup

If USPS missed your pickup, don’t fret! Sometimes these things happen. Fortunately, you can always drop your packages off at the Post Office in the meantime. However, if you’d like to get down to the bottom of why your pickups keep getting missed, here’s what you can do.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Then try again! The best thing to do if USPS misses your pickup is to schedule another one for the next business day. More often than not, your letter carrier missing a pickup is typically a one-time fluke. We find that scheduling a second pickup usually takes care of the issue.

If USPS Misses the Pickup Again, Talk to Your Local Post Office

While scheduling a second pickup typically solves the problem, it’s not always the case. If USPS misses your pickup again, then the best thing to do is visit your local Post Office. Once there, ask to talk to the Postmaster. USPS handles pickups locally, so that’s the only way to find out why your letter carrier keeps missing your pickup.

Here’s how this whole pickup thing works. Every morning, your local Post Office gets a list of pickup requests for your area that day. Your designated letter carrier is supposed to then look at that list and remember to knock on your provided pickup location when they deliver your mail. As a result, they typically pickup your packages the same time they drop off your mail. However, sometimes letter carriers simply forget, or they are so overworked that they can’t make it happen.


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  1. Jack

    This post was probably written by some usps people. They don’t ever pick up any packages cuz they are lazy as fuck

  2. Aerin

    This is a recurring problem for me. I’m not a large-volume shipper, but lately I’ve been requesting a couple of package pickups each week. I specify exactly where they will be, and they are in plain sight. They ‘ve been missed about half the time over the past 3 or 4 months. It’s impossible to get through to the local PO by phone. I’ve called the 800 number four times and been told that someone from the local PO will reach out to me, but they never have. This time, they’ve escalated it to the District level, but I still haven’t heard back yet. So infuriating!

  3. Diann

    Saying mail carriers DONT pick up package requests because they are busy is BS. They should have to do their jobs like the rest of us but they dont

  4. HexByEvi

    USPS Has failed to pick up my packages which were scheduled for pickup on a MONDAY. It is now Thursday and everyday they have just ignored my packages and not even delivered my mail. I have rescheduled pick up every single day following the missed pickup and still…nothing

  5. Gene Persons

    Your advice is not good. You need to revise some of your answers.


    something has gone wrong with post office services the care usually given to requests for mail pick up of mail and schedules mean nothing even though you receive notification that packages will be picked up at mail delivery time The mail is delivered and the request for package delivery ignored. Are carriers given enough notice to pick up packages or is post office lax in this area.

  7. Scott Troutman

    It’s almost 5:30 PM on Tuesday after MLK day and I still have not gotten my mail. Is there a reason for this?

  8. Carol Burress

    Scheduled packages to be picked up today. Got a confirmation text but my packages are still sitting on my porch. Recently had shoulder surgery so can’t carry them to the post office. Are they still coming? If I have to wait until Monday, I have to drag them back inside my apartment. Please respond to the email shown. Thank you

  9. Gabrielle

    I called the station, even took a moment to compliment our mail man, whi normally is a very caring, concerned mail man. However, with a back injury & several nice calls to thePO, I’ve moved 24 heavy boxes in& out 3 times now. Very pissed. I’ve been beyond patient. Ot feels like a middle finger is all I’m getting from the post office. IF I could take them myself I would have. No one seems to care at the post office of late. I’d think between the virus & OT they’d want minimal people at the post office but they’re behind glass so maybe they don’t care after all- sad to say it feels that way.

  10. Trice

    I’m so irritated. This is the second time I scheduled a pickup and these lazy mail people deliver the mail, but have left the stacks of packages that were clearly left on the porch for them to pickup. I’m so pissed!!!! Complaints don’t help. I don’t have the time to go to the post office while working from home, otherwise I wouldn’t schedule the pickup!

  11. chris

    Scheduled an item pickup for an eBay item I sold and specifically made a note thru the USPS site where the pkg was going to be. I came home tonight only to find that NOBODY PICKED IT UP AND NOW THE BUYER IS ASKING FOR A REFUND. WHAT THE #@$% ???

  12. JR

    Scheduled pickups used to work well but have become totally unreliable the last few months, we have a pickup scheduled every day Mon – Sat and we’re lucky if they pick up one day a week. Now they are falsifying scans and claiming the pickups have been completed even when they aren’t. This is just more evidence of the terrible management decisions made by the new Postmaster which are having a ripple effect causing service declines across the country.

  13. Cissy

    What to do when ur a home based business and the post office keeps NOT picking up scheduled pickups..
    1) i schedule online 2) several times a week they miss my pick up 3) some are always priority. 4) i have filled 4 complaints online 5) I contacted the postmaster 6) i spoke with asst postmaster 7) i contacted office of post master general of my state, no turn call. 8) 2 days they just didnt pickup saying it got to dark and they had to come back to the office.. so me and an entire neighborhood got no mail that day! I am getting nowhere. And before anyone asks..i call to see if the driver is still coming and they always say yes each time i call…they push me off till 5 with a yes and then after 5 they dont pick up… also i have been informed that when the postmaster is out they put the pothole on “ghost”… so let me get this straight. An entire agency cant operate and answer the phone unless the great OZ is there,.. now…i buy a priority ship ticket online…when they do not pick this up I believe this is A BREACH OF CONTRACT! AND THEY ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD WITH MY CLIENTS! WHO ELSE CAN I CONTACT!

    • Rockwell Sands

      Cissy, I’m so sorry you’re experiencing such a headache with pickups! As far as I know, the only thing to do is to walk into your local Post Office and see if you can resolve the issue with the postmaster there (which you’ve already done, it seems). If you’re still running into issues, I would suggest just dropping your boxes off at the Post Office at that point. That’s what I always do anyway – it’s worth it to know your boxes are getting scanned in.

    • Debra King

      I’m having the same issue. They deliver mail but don’t pick up my scheduled pick up.
      I’ve recently moved to an apartment and I am handicapped so sometimes I am unable to make it to the post office. What do I do? I’ve called and requested and it doesn’t do anything.
      USPS advertises free next business day carrier pick up but it doesn’t read only sometimes! What kind of business practice is that? Maybe Trump was right!

  14. Dani

    Hello, my business revenues almost $200K on USPS Shipping labels (Year to Date). We don’t know who we can contact to try and get an account manager and daily picks for our packages which range from 600-800 a day. We are using Stamps.com to schedule picks, however, our local PO doesn’t have “large” trucks so they are unable to pick up all the packages we have ready to go that day or they simply don’t show up. Is there anyway to get a contract of some sort with the PO so that we don’t continue to delay the delivery of my customers orders?


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