What Happens if I Missed My USPS Delivery?

Six ways to get your package from USPS before they return it to the original sender
you can still pick up your package if you missed your USPS delivery

If you’ve missed your USPS delivery, don’t stress. This happens to the best of us, and policymakers at the Postal Service know it. Therefore, USPS has built a few steps you can take to get your package before they return it to the original sender. We’ve listed out those options for you below.

How to Get Your Package After You Miss Your USPS Delivery

Here are your six ways to get your package if you missed your delivery:

  1. Schedule a redelivery at https://redelivery.usps.com/redelivery/
  2. Complete PS Form 3849 (titled “We ReDeliver For You!”), and place the form in your mailbox
  3. Go to your local Post Office to pick up your items
  4. Manage redeliveries by signing up for Informed Delivery
  5. Send a representative or acquaintance to pick up the package at your local Post Office. You must first sign PS Form 3849 and indicate the name of the representative in order for USPS to the item over to them
  6. Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to schedule a redelivery

USPS Has Extended the Waiting Period to 30 Days Due to COVID-19

For all shipping services like Priority Mail and First Class Package, USPS typically only holds packages for a 10-day period. The only exceptions are packages sent via Priority Mail Express service. These packages come with a 5-day waiting period before the Postal Service returns them to the sender.

However, due to strain from the Coronavirus pandemic, USPS has temporarily increased this holding time to 30 days for all mail classes. That means that, until further notice, all Americans now have 30 days to pick up a package from USPS after they miss its delivery.

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