Who is David Williams?

David E. Williams: Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for USPS
David Williams
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David Williams is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for USPS, responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Postal Service’s workforce.

Duties and Responsibilities

As COO and Executive Vice President, Williams oversees all of USPS’ facilities, equipment, and manpower. This includes over 488,000 career employees, 31,000 facilities, and a fleet of nearly 200,000 vehicles! Williams is responsible for every US Post Office, sorting facility, delivery and retail operations, and the entire mail processing network. To help with this role, he works with the Vice Presidents of Delivery Operations, Facilities, Network Operations, Retail and Customer Service Operations, and the seven VP’s of Area Operations.

If USPS had a “man behind the curtain” making sure everything runs smoothly, it would certainly be David Williams!

David Williams’ Background

David Williams graduated with a Bachelor of Science in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Florida. He then earned a Masters in Business Administration from the College of William and Mary. Williams has served in a variety of different positions within the Postal Service, and has helped the organization in countless ways. Some of his previous roles include Vice President of Network Operations, Vice President of Engineering, and manager of Processing Operations. In that last role, Williams’ team brought about mail processing work-hour reductions that USPS had never experienced before.

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  1. Richard morec

    I am the Treasurer of a 541single family HOA in Minden Nevada 89423. Every December we use the USPS to deliver the annual dues payment notice. For the third year the USPS has managed to miss handle the delivery of these statements.causing me with fielding calls from the members questioning me as to when they might receive the notice.
    What amazes me is that all 541 notices were mailed on 12/23/21. Some homeowner started receiving their notices on Monday 12/27/21. I can not understand WHY all the 541 letter’s were Not delivered the same day. Simply put. The mass mailings we use 5 times a year are a failure! I really believe that our mail is being dumped

    I realize it is the holiday period but shouldn’t there be some consistency on how the mass mailing is delivered

    If I had a choice I would not use the USPS again. I even sold my 20 year old stamp collection!

  2. K Srinivasan

    Jan 2, 2020
    Post Master/Officer in Charge
    United States Postal Service
    Evanston South
    701, Main Street, Evanston Illinois 60202-1700


    The undersigned booked a letter under Priority Mail Express International with tracking number
    EH 017675483US on Dec 15, 2020 addressed to Anand Krishnan, 3/3, Kasi Mutt Road, 19 th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 055, India. I have also paid a postage of US $ 70.15 with insurance up to US $ 100. As per display at the Post Office it is supposed to reach the destination within a week. But I am always getting update that it is still in transit. My enquiries at the foreign post in India reveal that it has not reached India as yet. I am put to untold hardship since the envelope contains Power of Attorney document. I am unable to register my name in the international inquiry to log in and make a complaint. Can you please trace this letter and get it delivered. I am sure it is still lying in US and has not left for the destination


    Dr. K Srinivasan
    Care Preethi, 7308, Stonedale Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588
    (M) 713-851-5644
    E mail: [email protected]

  3. Sherri Whitman

    FYI, I have noticed that my packages are not being delivered when I get a message from the sender saying the package has been delivered by the Longmont, Colorado post office. I have twice reported a missing package only to have it delivered 3 days to a week later. When I inquired about it. I was told they are probably scanning packages when they arrive to the post office instead of when the package is actually delivered a week later. This is dishonesty/Inaccuracy in reporting the timely delivery of mail. So my point is, in the article above timely delivery of mail is not happening!. The reporting to you, the COO is not necessarily accurate.
    It would be helpful to have a hotline phone number (even if it was just to leave a message) to you , the COO. There is no way to address issues past the local post master. And he/she is not going to tell you what may be informative information for you to be aware of.
    For instance, In 2018, I was living in Oklahoma. The Luther Post Master, Greg Shives, sent notices to us and our neighbors refusing to allow delivery of mail to my street (Horseshoe Dr.) which affected 9 homes because of a bad road in the same subdivision but had nothing to do with our road. When you enter our subdivision the road does a “Y” our road, Horseshoe Drive dead ends to the “RIGHT” and the badly maintained road, Wagon Wheel goes to the “LEFT” and dead ends. The postal person does NOT cross the bad road to get to our road. The Post Master adamantly refused to reconsider delivery. Then, Post Master Greg Shives strongly suggested me and my neighbors should put pressure on the people who live on Wagon Wheel to fix their road if WE want to have our mail delivered. Postmaster Shives went so far as to say we should give the people on Wagon Wheel money $$$$ to fix their road. So he was penalizing Horseshoe Drive to force us to get involved in something that he wanted on done on Wagon Wheel. When we have nothing to do with Wagon Wheel. And there is no HOA., gravel roads and we are somewhat rural, we are on the border of OKC and Jones right off Memorial Highway. So not very rural.
    This is why it would be helpful to have a hotline to you, the COO, so you can be aware of abuse by a Post Master because they are not going to tell you. Just like in Longmont, Colorado the Post Master is not going to tell you they mark packages as delivered even tho they don’t deliver the package for another week. Then they report timely delivery by the post office.

  4. Sandra McMahon

    I need help with my maIL delivery from the post office in Hurst Texas as have on going problems including a resistered letter which was supposed to be delivered Aug. 2, 2020 which I still have not received. All I get are rude remarks when I contact the Hurst P.O. I wish someone who could do something about this problem would contact me. Sandra McMahon


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